Progressive Load is open ended. This final section solicits participation and will appear differently as time passes due to the contributions made by visiting artists like you.

Provide a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that identifies a page containing images or suggest a keyword.

If you submit a valid URL, you should soon see a list of images that were found at the site you suggested. Select from this list by clicking on the image of your choice, or return to the previous step using the "try again" button. In the event that the site does not contain any images, or the URL provided is not accurate, or there is some other error, you will be prompted to make another choice.

If you offer a keyword instead, you should soon see a list of images that are, perhaps, thematically related to your word(s).

The retrieval of images can take a minute or so. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the selected server does not respond in a timely manner, so you have to be the judge of how long to wait. The process should be complete within 60-90 seconds. If the chosen URL contains more image data than can be downloaded by the server in 60-90 seconds, this procedure may fail.