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Vanishing Species A collection of species that, while once common in the United States, young people may not see anymore. (09-25-2014)
Scientists Warn of Rising Seas As Antarctic Ice Sheet Melts The collapse of large parts of the ice sheet in West Antarctica appears to have begun and is almost certainly unstoppable, with global warming accelerating the pace of the disintegration, two groups of scientists reported Monday. The finding, which had been feared by some scientists for decades, means that a rise in global sea level of at least 10 feet may now be inevitable. The rise may continue to be relatively slow for at least the next century or so, the scientists said, but sometime after that it will probably speed up so sharply as to become a crisis. (05-12-2014)
UN Panel Warns That Climate Change Will Suck Climate change is already having sweeping effects on every continent and throughout the oceans, scientists reported Monday, and they warned that the problem is likely to grow substantially worse unless greenhouse emissions are brought under control. (03-30-2014)
Geoengineering Insanity Al Gore denounces geoengineering climate change "solutions" as "insane, utterly mad and delusional in the extreme." (01-16-2014)
Philippines Slammed Unprecedented Storm With winds up to 195 mph Super Typhoon Haiyan is among the most powerful storms witnessed anywhere in modern times. The expected track of Haiyan will take it directly over the areas hardest hit by a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 150 people in the middle of October. Haiyan will also produce a severe and inundating storm surge, especially along the eastern coast of southern Luzon and Samar islands. (11-08-2013)
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