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>Clintons latest on Warming
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>>Dow Jones Business News -- November 22, 1996
>>U.S. Clinton Calls For Fight Against Global Warming
>>AP-Dow Jones News Service
>>PORT DOUGLAS, Australia -- U.S. President Bill Clinton, speaking from a
>>scenic beach near the Great Barrier Reef, called on all nations Friday to
>>reverse global warming and preserve the earth's natural resources.
>>'From this remarkable place, I call upon the community of nations to agree
>>legally binding commitments to fight climate change,' Clinton said, also
>>urging preservation of reefs, forests and other natural treasures.
>>Later, he carried a 4-month-old koala named for his daughter, Chelsea, and
>>embarked with his wife, Hillary, on a snorkeling expedition in the exotic
>>waters of the Coral Sea.
>>Photographers were told in advance there would be no pictures of the first
>>couple in the water.
>>'We must stand together against the threat of global warming,' Clinton
>>in his call for all nations to sign a global agreement to ban toxic
>>chemicals and pesticides already outlawed in the U.S and Australia.
>>'Today, we celebrate the commitment of this country, the United States and
>>countries all over the world to the proposition that we must preserve the
>>natural resources that God has given us,' he said.
>>The president and the first lady were taking a boat out to the Great
>>Reef, a snorkeling paradise and one of the great natural wonders of the
>>world. Stretching more than 1,200 miles (2,000 km) it is the largest
>>of coral reefs and islands in the world, comprising more than 2,600
>>individual reefs and some 300 islands.
>>The U.S. president's appearance was intended to lend support to the
>>International Coral Reef Initiative, formed in 1994 by Australia, the U.S.
>>and six other governments to promote the sustainable use of marine
>>Australia used Clinton's visit to announce that a section of the reef was
>>being named after Rachel Carson, the famed American environmentalist and
>>marine biologist who three decades ago warned the world of chemical danger
>>in her best-selling 'Silent Spring.'
>>Speaking in sweltering heat against the backdrop of a sandy beach and palm
>>trees, Clinton said the care of the environment is 'a practical and moral
>>The president said the world needs to enforce global agreements to ban
>>chemicals believed to be eating a hole in the earth's ozone layer.
>>'We need no more holes the ozone,' Clinton said. He said nations must work
>>together to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions released by cars and
>>power plants and burning forests that 'are literally warming our planet.'
>>The two-night stay in Port Douglas was Clinton's last stop in Australia
>>before a summit of Pacific Rim leaders in the Philippines. After that, the
>>president will make a daylong visit to Thailand before returning to
>>Washington next Wednesday.
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