Mayor Giuliani,

I'm living on 7th Avenue in Manhattan and the air is visibly foul, and stinks of automobile exhaust. I'm aware that the buses are being improved, but that is not enough. The vast majority of vehicles emitting this gas are not buses. Why not impose a stringent emissions standard for all new vehicles, such as taxis and garbage trucks, that will be operating primarily in the city? Gasoline sold in the city should also be required to meet the highest possible standards for lead and other pollutants. Raise the bridge and tunnel fares and require the trucks entering the city to pass an emissions test, as for example, all California vehicles must do. Diesel vehicles are particularly noxious in this regard, and yet they abound.

I am not satisfied with the gradualist, low ambition approach that is being offered by your present policies. Make air quality an issue. I'm sure it will be popular with the electorate.

Andy Deck
NYC Resident

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