Green ESCO, an oxymoron?

New York state energy customers given the choice of no choice

Despite the heralded choices energy consumers are now being given in New York State, the ESCOs are almost all fixated exclusively on prices. They do not reveal on their web sites where their power comes from. Less than 2% of power in New York State comes from wind power, solar power and hydraulic power.

It would seem appropriate for environmentalists to support ESCOs who are making research and development of alternative fuel sources a part of their operations. But how does one find out which ESCOs are actually doing this? I've scoured the information on the various web sites and found only one that has a green-friendly posture: 1st Rochdale.

None of the ESCOs reveal the sources of their power. Is this some sort of collusion? Why can't I buy wind power and hydro-electric power? I don't want to use oil, nuclear, and coal energy, but there's no information available to help me make an informed decision.

What I do know is that the "Smart Energy" company makes no reference to the sources of its energy, probably because "smart" has nothing to do with environmentalism for them. The "Niagra Mohawk" company is a mixed blessing. Although they apparently sold their nuclear power plant, they are becoming a middle-man supplier instead of a power 'generator.' And at any rate, they may soon be bought out.

If anyone has more information about clean-energy issues in New York, I'd be happy to include it here. [Contact]

Russell responds:

Hi, I also have looked around for green energy providers in NY. You might be interested to know that you can buy pseudo-green power from ConEdison Solutions. The power is 50% small hydro with the remaining 50% from the standard blend of sources. Customers have to sign up for a minimum period (I think there is a choise between 12 and 18 months). Also Niagara Mohawk (which supplies upstate NY) is expected to start offering green power this year as part of a lawsuit settlement.

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