Local flavor?

The letter sent to the New York 1 web response form:

After sending a message to the New York 1 web site explaining that their poll about New York police chief Howard Safir was biased I received a perplexing reply:

Dear Boston Feedbacker,

As the local channel for America Online we hope to reflect the ideas and activities of our community, and your feedback is helping us to continue to be the best place to go for all of Boston's news, views, and info. I have forwarded your message to our editorial staff, who will review your suggestion. As always, thank you for helping us make Digital City - Where You Live - Online!


Office Manager
Digital City Boston

But this suggested that I was a resident of Boston, and it went on to claim that "at America Online we hope to reflect the ideas and activities of our community."

Subject: Boston?


Your reply is absurd. I am writing to you from an NYU.edu email address. I was using a New York web site (ny1.com) and my locality was identified as "New York." Further, the message I sent was about Howard Safir, the police chief of New York City. Your warm fuzzy rhetoric about community in Boston is a sham and you know it.


Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999

Dear andy.deck@nyu.edu:

Forwarded Message From: andy.deck@nyu.edu
Topic: DCI About Us

Member Name: Andy Deck
Member Email: andy.deck@nyu.edu

City: New York

Your web poll on Howard Safir has no statistical validity and this should be acknowledged. The reason, as I see it, is that the internet is used disproportionately by upwardly mobile whites -- exactly the people who would tend to support Safir.