May 17, 2000

Mr. Moynihan,

I am writing to urge you not to vote in favor of the bill that would "permanently" "normalize" trade relations with China. The notion that establishing this as a permanent status will be a boon to our security or economy is poppycock. The truth is that the principle signal this bill sends is that money is more important than principle. If we have ever had reservations about China's treatment of laborers, it should be now. There is no real evidence that they have improved, so why stop being critical of practices that should be considered unacceptable? Human rights are not just for Americans and people who don't happen to live in China. I strongly oppose the principle, apparently quite dear to the Republicans and Clintoncrats, that what's bad for people elsewhere can be good for Americans. American politics needs to begin looking more earnestly for policies that favor the disadvantaged both at home and abroad and this China Trade bill is not that policy initiative.

Andy Deck

257 7th Ave
New York, NY


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