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    Pornography as pretext.

    Since it is now possible for independents to produce and distribute what people in communications circles call "content," it is not surprising that free speech has come under attack by those who would prefer to make speech a commodity: pay-per-sound-bite, pay-per-view, etc. Recent telcom legislation, passed with glee by righteous and wholesome US government, attempts to restrict the content passed over the internet. Perhaps in the long run the dictates of the censorship camp will be irrelevant because their attempts to regulate network communication will be overwhelmed by the ease of transmission. Nevertheless, insofar as power in media has never been more centralized, and present media discourse marginalizes unconventional thought, it follows that any transformation of authority in mass media will encounter profound resistance.

    Mall of the Wild

    Caught up in the progress chase of new frontierism, the cult of technologia substitutes flickering illusions for tangible spaces. Serving as a proxy for the things that are comforting and disappearing, the computer mixes traces of recent events with the hollow archival photo. Sold to us as the saving grace, the internet becomes mall and nature becomes a memory or resource for genetic material. How is it that global consciousness and total delusion coexist, equally promoted by new technologies of perception?

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