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Basically, there are just a few rules. You must continue to display the "control panel" on your website in a manner that is readily accessible to people who are navigating from one member site to the next. This means using visible color schemes, reasonably sized text, etc.

Your site will be reviewed when you register to join the Anti-War Web Ring, and your site will not be added if it does not already contain the necessary HTML code (it is provided to you when you register). Significant alteration of your site's content and obscure placement of the "control panel" are against the rules. Of course you can use your best judgment when redesigning your pages, but bear in mind that the every member site must make it possible for people to find and use the navigation mechanism.

If you feel that a site that is part of the Anti-War Web Ring is not complying with these principles, please register your complaint, indicating the URL of the site. The maintainer of the site will be notified and given a week to make adjustments. If at any time you would like to unregister from the Anti-War Web Ring, you may do that here.

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