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  A collection of free anti-war, anti-occupation, anti-empire, and peace movement posters, sticker and bumper sticker art in digital format, designed and submitted by a global collective of artists united against war.
  A political and social website opposed to Bush and for human and environmental rights and for peace. It includes news, opinions and information.
  A political resource with news, profiles, featured essays, cartoons, and every other tool we can use to get rid of the Republicans in 2006 and 2008.
Dubya Says
  The ORIGINAL and still the best source for George W. Bush Quotes!
PresidentSucks.com - Someone had to say it!
  Full of humorous quotes, pictures, flash movies and games about our President
About Bush
  All you don't want to know about Bush.
  Links, comments, and pictures relating to the demon in the Whitehouse. Bush Sucks US - take it any way you want to.
The Bush Awareness Report
  News articles that should be on page 1, but are instead ignored by the corporate media.

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