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Bartski Studios
  An irreverant look at life... An anti-War and Anti-Bush website. Lots of Flash ads for your use.
Defeat W
  Anti-Bush site with political commentary, forums, and links.
  Research forum for articles about environment, war, other general anti-bush stuff.
  I make a video series, "A Daily Reminder To President George W. Bush That He Sucks". I post them on YouTube every weekday (and some weekend days too). I started on May 8, 2007 and will continue until he leaves office or our troops return home from Iraq.
Get Bush Out of Office!!!
  Gives general info on the problem with Bush, along with links to anti-Bush organizations that anyone can join and support, and information on the other, better candidates for office.
Fear Bush
  George W. Bush is the master of using and manipulating fear to get the wars and policies he wants. Check in with our guest bloggers, the thriving community forum and resources for resisting the fear.
bush really sucks
  bush really sucks
  Bush depicted as an evildoer of classic proportions.

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