[Calendar cover] Conceived, designed, retouched, illustrated, tested, printed, folded, stapled, and mailed by the artist, Andy Deck, with help from online contributors. Just $7.99 plus postage. It's colorful, collectable, and recyclable. Order today. They're restless and ready to ship.
SINCE 1979
    Andy Deck has made calendars annually since he was eleven years old. This year's edition features hundreds of animal logos from the project Wildlife Offline, a Net Art collection on the Artcontext website. Reflecting the cuteness of media images of endangered animals, the collection highlights the way virtual imagery is supplanting the natural world as a basis for understanding wildlife.
    Interior sheets are 30% recycled post-consumer fiber. Acid-free, chlorine-free cover stock, 10% post-consumer fiber. Forest Stewardship Council certified sources. Made in the USA.
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Held calendar