Cover 2013 Calendar

The 'Crow Sourcing' Calendar
A beastiary of idioms, in calendar form. Probe relations of nature, language and knowing. With a dizzying array of sayings, stereotypes, and expressions, this calendar not only helps you keep time to 2013, it prompts you to think about the richness of everyday language. Many animals are now known as much by idioms as by direct experience. For getting to know such creatures, this calendar can't be beat. It's like a zoo, camping trip, and safari that you can hang on your wall.
Since 1979, Andy Deck has produced calendars annually. These limited edition publications come signed by the artist, in color, saddle stitched (stapled) using premium 11x17" partially recycled paper.

Eager beavers, you can now order the 2013 calendar:
Order now for delivery in early January.
For those of you who like things cheap, the calendar is, as usual, available free to download.
Print the free PDF version.

— Andy Deck
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