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Make America Bomb Again

2018 Calendar

There are some very fine pictures on both sides. This state-of-the-art calendar addressing state-of-the-madness militarism and violence is built to spend a year on your wall. Keep step with the march of fascism using this made-in-America calendar.

The world's militarist virus continues to grow at a rate that defies economics. After the supposedly Nobel prize-worthy President Obama funded the U.S. military at historic levels and accelerated drone warfare, President Cheeto Benito stoked military expenditures even more, leaving little air for health, infrastructure, and education. He demanded a nuclear arsenal in "tip-top shape," and reportedly wanted a 10-fold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal (NBC News).

In a tried and true color palette favored by fascists, the 2018 Artcontext Calendar offers graphical meditations on this lunatic engagement in perpetual war. You may...

or simply view it here for free.

Since 1979, Andy Deck has produced calendars annually. Check back every year if you are looking for a unique printed calendar.


Cover 2018 Artcontext Calendar

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