Multimedia I

ART 39559 1GJ

Credits: 3.0

City College, Fall 2013

Monday 6-8:50

Adj. Asst. Prof.: Andy Deck

Overview Introduction to creative and production techniques of media integration and multimedia. Emphasis on interface design, sound, animation, and video in both linear and non-linear formats. Basic elements of scripting and programming for interactive projects. Prerequisite: ART 29500 and ART 29526

Required Text:
Getting Started with Processing
By Reas and Fry
ISBN-10: 144937980X

Scenography assignment
Collecting and developing graphical ideas...

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Tablet App Group assignment
Producing hypermedia...

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Sound composition assignment
Adding audio...

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Procedural graphics assignments

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Motion graphic composition assignment
Generate video assets for use in crowdfunding promo video

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Crowdfunding Project assignment

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Grading will be based on in-class participation, projects, and homework assignments. Attendance is required for every class and 3 absences = a failing grade. If you must miss a class, give notice prior to being absent. Late work will not be accepted without penalty. 1 week late = a subtraction of 2 letter grades. Any work found guilty of plagiarism will result in a failure in the course. You may find further information regarding City College's academic integrity policies at policy.


Your Responsibilities:
  • Completing all homework assignments —both readings and graphics assignments.
  • Maintaining a notebook / sketchbook.
  • Alerting me if you feel you don't understand a concept, or you feel lost in the class.