• Use the appletviewer to view applets until you are fairly sure they work.
    	Netscape will "cache" your applet's .class file(s), which means
    	that you may see a previous version instead of the one you're working
    	on.  The appletviewer never caches your old .class files.
  • Keep appletviewer and compiler running (Mac only), and "drop" the .html and .java files on the application icons, respectively (this will save on startup time)
  • Don't leave a lot of stuff on the Macs.
    	Disk space is running low, and people may trash your work.  There's a 
    	program called "DropStuffit" in the Netscape folder of the PowerMacs 
    	that will compress your documents.  Use the freeware "Unstuffit" to 
    	return to the original (non-lossy). Buy some diskettes and archive!
  • Experiment with the easier applets. You can do this!

    Simple Images

  • Paint
  • Albers


  • Shape interpolator


    View the javalinks.html page