• Site structure: index.html, index.cgi as opening pages
  • Run Java CGI only in cgi-bin folders
  • Lecture proposals
    Ideas for uses of java, taking into consideration:
       * level of difficulty
       * potentially interesting to as many students as possible

    Text examples

  • Marquee example from textbook
  • Moving Marquee from textbook
  • Even fancier Marquee

    What's wrong with this picture?

    All these java applets with their messages assume static content. Static content means YOU decide the content, and those who come to your site are put basically in the position of non-interactants. This is the television model, I believe. You provide "viewers" with buttons, much like a remote control, but their effects on the web are minimized.

    How does one make interaction meaningful?

  • Why not let the visitor affect the site?
    	form text element -> httpd -> cgi script uses database
            new page  <- write applet tag <- cgi script logs input

  • The following example will allow visitors to determine the "marquee" message that the next person will see.
  • First the msgTag.php script that adds messages to the running list, and then returns the html page complete with the <applet> tag.
  • Next, the modified textbook example reads the "msg" parameter to determine what it will display.
  • Finally, try running the script.
    <form name=thisform action="" method=get> <input type=text name=mymsg size=70> <input type=submit value="send message"> </form>