Artcontext Annual 2007

Along with thousands of others who have been working to raise consciousness about climate change, artists like myself have been active in making the environment a central cultural preoccupation. This kind of work will continue in 2008, as there is much to be done. Although we are far from achieving any meaningful goals in reducing greenhouse gases, it would appear that more and more people are beginning to heed the wake-up call that is being sent by rising temperatures and receding glaciers.

—   Andy Deck

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[Transnational Temps]

Converse with a chimpanzee about habitat problems, or discuss over-fishing with a whale. These are just two possible encounters in EcoScope, part of the Eco-Media exhibition which opened in October in Germany. This online forum also lets you send eco-themed postcards to friends, either electronically or through your printer. Peer into the EcoScope!

Wildlife Offline Members of a more than a few endangered species are beginning to be outnumbered by cute caricatures on the Internet. This expandable collection of illustrations, depicting some of the most endangered species, demonstrates a disturbing trend. While representations of nature abound online, many species are going "offline." Whether experienced through the web or as posters that can be printed by anyone, Wildlife Offline spotlights the displacement of the natural world by digital representations: the virtualization of the real.   Wildlife Offline

Stickers   Ecostickers Check out these printer-ready stickers. While Madison Avenue continues to exploit dancing animals to sell products, Ecostickers offers a more sober message from the wild. Add them to outdoor advertisements near you!

Climate Threat Level Bush administration's terrorism warning system has been redesigned. The new advisory system clarifies the climate change threat levels facing people everywhere. Please re-learn the threat levels.   Threat Level