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Licking your lipsSomething Dubya likes to do every five seconds, even more often in the GOP convention
MoralsWhat Bush pretends to have...(and somehow is elected for). If you're in Iraq, please read the Kama least you can get fucked in style.
DraftInevitable if Bush is elected
FreedomBeing invaded and having your natural resources confiscated, and a puppet government put in place
Peace in Iraq...If they have oil
Serve all AmericansNow I can do whatever I want.
"mission accomplished"a phrase used to strike false hope into the public
Re-electioncheating my way into another 4 years in office. turning away voters in minority districts as in2000
Town Hall MeetingPhoto op with zombies and a teleprompter.
Successful "C" studentSon of a sitting president of the U.S.
Bush's Clean Air InitiativeA wet, sloppy blowjob for the big polluters of the country...part of the new world order plan to destroy government and any/all government regulation that gets in the way of corporate profit.
Strategymake it up as you go
"stra-te-jary"We here in America believe that our fearless leader (lol), dub-ya, is trying to say strategy. What a dumb A**!!
De-wateringThe removal of standing flood water from New Orleans.
Ownership societyIt's good to be born rich
John KerryBush's term for terrorist
Hard WorkTaking vacations, bombing innocents, and sending american soldiers to die.
Nuclearnew clar
UhhReally I'm fuckin' lost so if i just keep using this term it will seem like I'm goin' somewhere with this.
PretzelA liquid substance containing alcohol (80 proof or above) which causes you to loose your balance and a chunk of your head, but can be easily explained away by PR personnel that a fifty something year old suddenly forgot to chew.
Social security reformA plan put forth by the Bush-Cheney regime to destroy any/all hope for John Q Public to ever be able to retire. The underlying theme with this reform is to keep the average citizen from having any guaranteed financial security hence keeping them from retiring earlier. After all, corporate assholes don't make as much money without the slaves in the cubicle farms.
Free ElectionsElections where the electorate is free to vote for my candidate.
"Democracy"The form of government forced upon any land that has been fairly quiet for a period of time. Common locations of this government include Middle East countries. The most impressive example of one who enforces "democracy" is George W. Bush. However, do not be fooled by the lack of "democrat" in his title.
WorkLet uncle Dick make the decisions while I play with my dollies.
Mission AccomplishedWe're done with the airplanes and missiles and bombs, so will all news media please leave Iraq and cover something else because I'm not very good at this "winning the peace" thing yet. Hey Dick, what was that word the TV just used to describe Iraq? Quig-mer? Is that good or bad?
MediaWorthless "pretty boys and girls" who never read newspapers and tell the American people lies from their teleprompts.
Love your neighborTo admire people living near your ONLY if they share your views, and ONLY if they are straight, or pretent to be striaght bible thumpers.
"Herding Cattle"Homosexual favours that bush and his organization do
TerroristAnyone opposed to the new Neo-Nazi World Order
Bush's last day pardonMy Mother and Father for making me into what I am today, a failure.
ExtenuateTo provide an exegesis of something, or to pontificate.
Old AgeThe probable cause of death for Osama Bin Laden.
Suicidevoting for George W. Bush
DiplomacySaying to the leaders of other nations, "I want it and I want it now. And if you disagree with me you hate freedom." As Frued would say, being totally controlled by one's Id.
Frivliss lawsuitsthese are a special kind of lawsuits that file themselves against docs!
MexicoUm... Up North?
King Fahd of Saudi ArabiaThe man responsible for 911.
Decisive LeadershipThe thing Dubya calls it when he doesn't feel like putting any thought into his actions.
Gay RightsGiving Gay People the Right to shoot themselves in the head after their I take away all of their freedoms.
New OrleansNew presidential fishin' hole! Yippie!!!
George Dumbya BushStipudist purrsin uhliev
VacationThe thing Dubya does most on the job. Dubya has spent more days on vacation than any other president in the last 218 years.
ElectionWag the dog
Doing a Superb JobI am incapable of admitting a mistake.
Ongoing investigationwe can't talk about that because it will show that we are corrupt, amoral criminals. Also see "paper shreading", "ollie north", "presidential pardons" "cover-up"
September 11th, 2001Fundraising opportunity
Revolution"You know what gang violence is? mostly? and the people dont want you to hear this. Its when somebody shoots your family memeber, so of course you retaliate. Same thing the US does (me) only nobody even shot their family members. They see, somebody bomb a school and all these people get killed, so me and the government feel like, oh thats messed up, we gotta go show them who's the real killaz. This country was built on gangs, I beleive this country is still run on gangs, Republicans, Democrats, the police department, the FBI, the CIA, those are gangs, you know what I mean? the correctional officers, I had a correctional officer tell me straight up, you're the biggets gang in New York State, straight up" -George Bush
Legacy AdmissionThe system used at Yale to recruit cheerleaders.
Gay marriagethe end of the US Govt. legally taking peoples pensions. If approved, US govt. would have to pay SSI benefits to surviving spouses, this would result in a US govt. loss of a whole buncha money.
Hard workLet Uncle Dick make the decisions while I play with my dollies
SaddamA Good Excuse
American ValuesPredatory Capitalism
DubyaRetarded Texan
Weapons of Mass DestructionSmoke and mirrors used to prevent the discovery that I don't know what im doing as President
DeciderYou know, the guy that does the deciding.
"I love America"He doesn't even understand america.
The sins of the fatherHave been delivered upon the son
TaxesServices Ex. Read My lips, No new taxes(Services)
Fix social scurityraise taxes on lower income people, and reduce social scurity benefits for low to mid income people!
IngrinibleNo one really knows! These people named their company after it, though!
MexicansBrowns who commit a horrible crime by crossing a river
Axis of EvilThe Bush Administration
Saddam HusseinThe Man In Charge of September 11
W.M.DWeapons not of Mass Destruction
The War PresidentWhat country can we bomb next, Dick?
Impeachable OffenseSex with a young adult. Unimpeachable offense, screwing a nation.
Strategeryto plan
Bring 'em onBushspeak code used to recruit suicide bombers
Tony Blairlisten to whatever Dickie says so you can cash in too
Location of IraqUmmm, maybe like here next to China? Am I close? Dick, help me out here.
Squeezlepor-kee-pine (in W's world)
Flip FlopperPerson who pays attention to the issues, admits he has made a mistake of judgment and works to correct that mistake.
Brain DeadBush and his cabinet
The Ten CommandmentsOne of them I hear is 'Thou shalt not kill'. Oh well, what's a few million people. Think of all the people in the world. We could afford to lose a few. Thank me people. It's the course of nature that I take life into my hands and decide who lives and who dies.
Blah blah blah blah blahi'm a big stupid moron who doesn't know anything about anything
SuccessIts only half done, but good enough for me
Civil Liberties"Special rights" given to rich, illiterate, straight, male, right-wing nut jobs to destroy natural resources, exploit the poor, torture gays and other moinorities, and send other people's children off to die in an illegally waged war.
War to Bush...Paycheck!
"Let Freedom Reign!"New World Order!
Good presidentdefinently not George W. Bush
We create jobswe send the good paying jobs to china, but we reduce unemployment and more people work for min. wage
International policypumping oil
UuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhThink of a lie. Dick? Condi?
CanadaUm..... Up North?
We Must Help IraqLets send our troops over to get killed because we want to help them and they dont want help
No talking to the terroristsJust bomb everyone who is in the mideast, including my military personnel. I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE! Impeach me please, someone.
Legacy admissionThe system used at Yale to recruit cheerleaders.
Homeland SecurityThere ought to be limits to freedom.
OilThe reason for US military action in Iraq and for no such action in the Sudan.
IsraelThe capital of America
Tribal SovereigntyHe hasn't a fucking clue...

When asked his response was laughed at because they are " uhhh tribal and sovereign.
Soldierssee. "Cannon Fodder".
BonsaiJohn Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, my "Little Bush."
TalibanIs that a rock band?
Fish and Humans..What on Earth WAS he saying?
Nuclear prolifirationdestroy everyone's nukes but build better ones for ourselves anf for Isreal.
SadismGeorge, Rummy and Dick
Nucular Weapons in IraqA great pretext for starting a war. See fraud.
No Child left behindNo billionaire left behind
Preserving the peaceUsing U.S. military force
UnfairBringing up my arrest record right before the election, so I don't have time to spin it.
TerrstDubyaspeak pronunciation of "Terrorist"
FantasylandWhere Bush would have us all live.
September 11, 2001The very unfortunate event that led to Iraq's demise because a certain man wanted to have some fun during his presidency
The Iraq card gameGamble and kill at the same time!
MandateWee-hee! Let's see how much I can f*ck things up.
They hate freedomThe reason terrorists keep attacking Sweden.
No Child Left BehindEffective way to cut spending without feeling guilty
Good BusinessThe way you twist your foot when it's firmly placed upon a poor person's neck.
GoodHurts everyone and destroy the economy
TerrDubyaspeak pronunciation of "Terror"
SlavesSomeone who Bush thinks willingly chose to travel to America from Africa. (Said by Dubya in Senegal, July 2003)
Challenged VotesKerry Supporters
Creating more jobs...for soldiers
America's YouthA cheap, profitable, renewable resource.
Bush's Military Experience...excused for brain damage
Things are goodWe are fucked in the ass, but you taxpayers will keep on paying. Stupid fucks!!!
Personal Responsibility"If you see someone you don't know getting into a crop duster that you don't own you should report it to someone."
BushAn ornamental plant you put in your front yard to impede passers-by from looking in your front is helpful to the bush to throw manure upon it to foster growth.
IlletirateGeorge Bush
Compassionate conservativeNo meaning. The term is actually paradoxical. I give it no meaning because the people this term refers to don't exist. The existance of something like this would cause a catastrophic tear in the space-time continuum and cause the universe to completely stop functioning.
Smoke 'em outfake a war
Nukyular power PANTSUhhhm ok. If anyone comes up with a meaning to this please let me know.
Mountain bikingan activity most normal human beings can do perfectly well, but Dubya seems to fall on his ass whenever he gets on one
AtowlehatafagastanWhat Dubya calls Afghanistan when he talks with Cheney.
CocaineWhat I was arrested for while serving in the Nat'l. Guard, but that my Daddy took care of because he didn't want to be embarrassed.
"Hard Work"Doing nothing!
Persistent Vegetative StateA phrase that accurately describes "W" whenever he attempts to speak.
Last ThroesA condition which could last 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or even 12 years.
ArmySomething Dubya doesn't think Sweden has got
Homeland securitysee "nazi ss department"

Warneeds to happen everyday; equivalent of taking a shower
TouristSince Bush Pronounces Terrorist wrong Foreiners think he is saying tourists. "We will get those Tourists"
Pro-lifeabortion is wrong, but its ok to send teenagers to Iraq and kill them in the desert
Sovereign NationA country with no oil.
The One Million Dollar CheckThe one I told my friends, the half brothers, King Abdullah and the now King Fahd, to bring over to Mayor of New York City Guliani, to help pay for the recovery of the mess they made downtown on 911.
Election resultsDefinition
"blank stare"he is higher than chich and chog
VerciforouslyA new word recently used by Bush in the debate when talking about how his troops are killing everyone.
Security companiesWhat I hire to guard federal buildings, ports, military stations and I don't have any idea how secure the facilities are and I don't care. I hire Dubai to manage my ports and that small place is primarily business dominated by the BinLadens, my favorite people who were vacationing in Reno and Las Vegas during 911 and that the F.B.I. wanted to detain to speak to them because the F.B.I. had substantial evidence some of the BinLadens had information the F.B.I. needed. But I didn't want to detain my wonderful BinLaden friends. They told me they were frightened and wanted me to privately escort them out of the country. I guess they were guilty because they surely didn't want to speak to my F.B.I.. So I didn't let the F.B.I. speak to them.
Patriot ActNazi type legislation used to strip innocent people of their rights. See also, "first step to the final solution"
Compassionate conservatismI'll tell you that I care deeply and smilingly nudge you on the shoulder as I cut your medicare benefits, social security entitlement, and military pay.
Nuclear ProliferationOur Nukes
Stem cell researchit could cure many genetic diseases.....but since stupidity aint genetic GW dont care.
Sex organswe usse sex organs to make babies
OB-GYNA medical professional trained in the art of "practicing their love with women."
George W. Bushan organism that claims to be human (though many doubt this); has the utterly preposterous notion that he rules the world; (also see
NukyalerI think it means nuclear
Al- QuedyThe hick way of referring to the terrorist organizationg Al-Queda
Gay MarriageSmoke Screen
Pro LifeMeaning abortion is wrong, but killing those that perform abortions is "God's work".
Bush's PresidencyA village in Texas lost its idiot. Hence the Weapon of Mass Distraction took office with the help of a Turd Blossom
Oil.I have a pool of oil at my texan ranch where I bath in the sweet sweet liquid gold. Is it edible?
I stand behind the troopsThis war isn't over
Department of the InteriorOil Lobby
Restore Honor to the OfficeLie about anything but sex.
Evil EmpireThem that aint from Texas
Less UnemploymentWe've changed how we define "unemployed."
NucularTO microwave something.i guess
Yeee-haaawForeign policy
Political CapitalA lame duck president who can do whatever he wants because his party controls the senate, the house, the judicial branch, and a large supply of weapons of mass destruction.
Clear and consistent policy"The United States has no right, no desire, and no intention to impose our form of government on anyone else. We are in Iraq to achieve a result. A country that is democratic." Bush
Colin PowellUncle Tom
Unwavering.An egomaniac with an inability to admit error.
Evangelical movementDefiniton
AlliesNone if we keep going this way...
Newculerone of them hi paired bombs that blows up real strong

Hell Bound FuckAny Republican; those that vote for Bush are not only going to hell, but headed to the deepest depths of it.
Texas Styleretards
AllegedRationale for bombing Iraq.
IntelligenceThe ability to understand complex problems with more than one side, realizing your own hypocracy when berating your opponents, knowing the difference between accept and except when defining black people.
ManiacMe, who started this atrocity against humanity. If I had stayed in America and infiltrated the sleeper cells and spent the money on closing them down and keeping them under control, there wouldn't have been this ongoing anihilation of the human race.
Proof of Nuclear CapabilityA grainy sattelite photo of what may or may not be a refrigerator at the bottom of a swimming pool.
MisunderestimatedCheck the dictionary. Oops! It's not there! Heh...
Compassionate Conservativism1. Bush and buddies conserve their wealth ruthlessly while whistling Dixie. 2. Killing millions of Iraqi civilians and calling it collateral damage.
EdjamacationWhat we need to ram into our kids so they can use a gun and kill people that don't look like me
Personal debtsWhat I owe the Arabs for failed business ventures. Whatever my sweet friends want, they get. If they want a regime change throughout the mid-east, then I'll do it, anything to clear my debt.
Tax cutsWhat rich people do need and what poor people don't!!!!
Fight terrismgo to war against every nation on the planet, or until there are no american people left!
Bill of Rightstoilet paper
Osama bin ladenWho??? Not involve oil? Not interested Dick?! I'm goin' onna

$428.6 billionMilitary budget for the entire year of 2005 -- not including the money being spent in Iraq!
RatificateBush wishes to ratificate an Amendment banning gay marriage
Chief ExecutiveAn outsourcer and sourcerer of evil.
Lyndie Englund1.) The Undersecretary of Defense for Interrogation Policy

2.) Scapegoat
Natural disasterwhen americans must hide their nationality on foreign soil for voting in "a war president"
AbortionWell, hes right on one thing, Abortion is wrong!
EvangelicalsThe people I tricked into thinking I was a Bible thumping preacher when really I don't care a shit about the Bible.
Hell BoundAny Republican; those that vote for Bush are not only going to hell, they're headed to the deepest depths of it.
InternetsThe faster internets that only Bush can use
Fool me once,....Shame on....The most famous statement made from the most famous lame duck president.
FreedomA handy substitute for Jesus and God. Useful in speeches.
Credibility gapthe space between george's ears
Not on my watch!No one is shooting at me!
Loving your neighborRaining bombs on people a half world away
The new card gameGamble and kill at the same time!
Peace in our timeafter ive nuked,raped and pillaged the rest of the world
"I am a unificator"No, he is a divider. Learn the correct term, Mr. President.
World Peace (def. 2)A piece of the World
New tax codeMore financial breaks for the upper 1% of the American population, most of whom do not currently work
UgandaThe country with the militia cutting off little boys ears, arms, legs and noses, but that I won't send the military in there to catch that bastard. Instead an evangelical minister went in there by himself, supported by the evangelical ministry to do the job I should be doing.
LiberalSomeone who will do a poorer job than Bush of giving big companies unneeded tax breaks.
Eviln. 1. Brown people; 2. non-white people; 3. non Christian people (includes Catholics); 4. Kerry; 5. Sodom Hussein (as Daddy pronounced it). v. 1. Bombing innocent civilians (as long as those innocent civilians are rich white Americans, Iraqis don't count); See also
"Pro-life"The term used by Bush to state that he is against Abortion. Of course, he's only against aborting babies.

He authorized the executions of tons of people when he was the governor of Texas, and he's killing even more people in Iraq these days. But he's pro-life. yeah, right.
CIAMarketing Department
Veterans Benefits$0.00
Nine ElevenThe date Iraq flew airplanes into the twin towers in New York
BitchGeorge W. Bush
TrickerationTo trick someone, or the art/act of tricking someone...esp. into voting for your dumbass
WARHaving a play date with foreigners
"Things are looking up"...Poor people wander the streets and kill for food, families are finding out everyday that their loved ones have been killed in the war that we're "winning", yet still getting our asses reamed in, and North Korea is pending nuclear missle launch on the USA.
Rights of GaysYou have a right to lose your life in Iraq, but you have no right to be you.
Uhhhhhhhh.........It means that he doesn't know what the heck he is talking about!!!
Twelve American soldiers deadIn one week. Man, I'm doin pretty good. That means my military will kill 6,000 innocent Iraqis to make up for the twelve I just had murdered.
StrategeryThe way in which one oppresses.
FEMAFailed Emergency Misplaced Appropriations
Noble CauseOil Company Profits
Absolute Idiotsee
Won't play the blame gameIt's our fault!
Poorthose who aren't rich
I.QUsed to define intelligence, Bush and his ancestors (believed to be members of the tapeworm family) hover around zero
AccountabilityWe will find someone to blame.
Infantryhow to dispose of the poverty level in america
The PoorThere is US ans there is them
SovereignAnother big word that he can use many times in one response
You're doing a wonderful jobI don't actually know what it is you do, but Dick's aid hired you, so you must be good.
Insurgenta man or woman that uses force to rally people into submission in to the government; a coward
AssholeGeorge W. Bush

Soneveryone is bush;s father
Wanted; Dead or AliveWanted; Dead of Old Age
Spreading democracyBusting this country down
Valerie PlameA woman who was trying to help the government prevent a nuclear war, but was exposed by Bush, thus her covert operation went overt and she was given a desk job.
Afida-fy-fidaFoolI have stupid syndrome like 52 billion other people that voted for me.GwB
TerrzmDubyaspeak pronunciation of "Terrorism"
Electiongetting electr ummm ummm electrification by a wire.
No children left behindunless they cant afford it
Hamdan vs. RumsfeldThe litmus test given to John Roberts before he was nominated to become the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.
NuculerA modifier, sounds good
Disenfranchised votersthose cry-babies in Jeb's state. It's not my fault they can't punch a hole in a card! And speaking of punching holes in cards, you should see how many holes I can punch with an AK-47! Thank God assault rifles haven't been banned (not that I wouldn't still have 'em, I'd just have to do most of my shootin' on the down-lo, like in Mexico or somethin').
Iraq WarA war of choice that shall add money to Bush's own profit aka oil company.
PurposeHaving importance, i.e. "the most important thing for me is to remember what's the most important thing."
AlaskaIt's just another stupid country, let's make some money off it!
HomeHome is important. It's important to have a home.
Weapons Of Mass DestructionUSA Army
Misunderestimateno clue....but it's what they did to iraq's forces
Avian Flumisdirection
Where's the terrorist?In the House of Fahd in Saudi Arabia where he doesn't like Americans, but comes over here to party in Reno and Las Vegas and have male dancers entertain him while he does the things he implores in his own country, such as drinking.
War in Iraq/September 11th...POPULATION CONTROL!
MoronAny person with a yearly income of 35K or less who votes Republican!
Status symbolthe reason DUBYA wants to be "your leader"
Nation BuildingWhen a democratic administration interferes in another countries affairs.
New world orderbush and his mates
Bush BioThe result of a google search for "failure"

OILOperation Iraqi Liberation
Debateringto show the voters of this country how dumb you are next to an intelligent candidate 3 times before the election and still win!
Victory planMore spin to help with the upcoming elections in the U.S.
Mexed Missagesis this something Mexican? or is it a mixed message?
Decidera more polite way of saying facsist dictator
IraqA supposive war that shall add money to bush's own profit aka oil company
JesusMy bestest friend. Wait - what? Jesus was a liberal?!!
Health insurancemake new laws encouraged by lobbiest to keep everybody safe and work harder like a race horse by cutting everybodies freedom. HA-HA- sorry that's illegal my friend.
Social SecurityWelfare
UmmFuck, whats that word?
Pre-emptiveA term used to try to justify an ill-concieved war. Also can be applied to the Homeland Security Act as a measure to silence ANYONE who opposes or could HAVE THE POTENTIAL to oppose the current wave of fascists (neocons and religious "right" nutjobs) that is usurping the government of the United States.
Fucking Dumbass IdiotGeorge W. Bush (otherwise known as, DUBYA)
A low C averagea D; the grade average one needs to become president of the U.S.A. [aka ruler of the Earth and owner of everything on it] "Look Daddy, it is a D ,It stands fer Dubya!"
LikeA word used by Dubya once he's realized he's too drunk to put the sentence he started together!
The BinLadensThe people who told me not to find their son, so I won't. Instead I'll kill all Iraqis and as many American men and women, looking for another man, Sadaam, whom I found but then decided to stay - and do what? I really don't know. Win the war on Terrorism? But I'm beginning to think winning the war on terrorism is going to annihilate the entire human race. It seems more and more Americans are not liking me. And I consider them terrists. So I'm going to have to annihilate them too, I guess, in order to win the war on terrorism.
PreservationI appreciate preservation. It's what you do when you run for president. You gotta preserve
CoalitionWhat Bush calls our strongest allies (mostly poor countries that WE'RE occupying)
PersecutedThe party in power is not being given a blank check.
Bin LadenBusiness Partner
Americans helping AmericansFEMA can't help.
Separation of Church & StateFaith Based Initiative
UnwaveringBeing unable or unwilling to admit error.
Freedom is not freeA term used to enforce how hard he will have to work to ensure it can only be bought.
Moneysmakes me happy

HumveeA military vehicle that could be equipped with life saving armor, if only Halliburton would quit overcharging the defense department.
GovernmentFucked up Gang that doesn't think before it acts. Gets us killed when what were doing obviously is making things worse!
Spread DemocracyWage war, spread suffering, kill innocents.
Mandate.Ain't nothin' you can do about it.
Violation of Security CouncilInventing alleged weapon sites so we can take all the Iraqi oil, use weapons of mass destruction on innocent Iraqi people
(Yeah the ones US/Europe sold to Saddam) and tell the world f*ck you because "we" have the the biggest double standards on earth and "we" won't be happy 'til there is a Starbucks and a McDonalds in every nation in the world.
"Good steward"of the landPass the chainsaw and the oil drill- there's oil in them there national forests! Oh and Christy Todd Whitman only quit as EPA Commissioner out of protest because she was a liberal Democrat... uh, wait a minute.. next question?
Bring 'Em OnI dare you to shoot the guys in front of me!
W.M.D.Their Nukes
Shit-Eating GrinSomething Dubya does every fourteen seconds while making his speeches; believes it is a crowd pleaser. (It's not)
ReligionA shrowd to hide beneath that increases public relation and opinion, that also aids in covering my wrong doings that are a total abolishment to Christianity and to just good old fashioned human moral.
Thirty-Two PercentThe percentage of Americans who would vote a blind dog into office if it resulted in a lower tax rate and restrictions on abortion.
Tax CutsThe top 1% of households, which have more wealth than the entire bottom 95% combined, get more money.
9/11why call the police?
SuicidersWe believe that he was actually trying to say "Suicide Bomber"
Vigilantkeeping your eyes open, and your mouth shut while we screw the world out of it's money, power, resources, young poor soldiers & search you in case you don't agree with our twisted agenda.
WahabbistsSaudi Arabians who blew up the World Trade Center and hit the Pentagon and who believe we're immoral and disgusting, but yet were hanging out in the bars in Daytona, Florida before they were called up to act.
Mission accomplishedWe're done with the airplanes and missiles and bombs, so will all news media please leave Iraq and cover something else because I'm not very good at this "winning the peace" thing yet. Hey Dick, what was that word the TV just used to describe Iraq? Quig-mer? Is that good or bad?
DisaffectationWho knows???
BipartisanWorking with anyone, so long as they share our goals.
Bordersdont be so silly we dont have them were america
"Nookular"I propase a Constitutional amendment saying that nobody may have access to weapons they can't pronounce!
Ethicsthings other people have
PerninsurlaA piece of land that sticks out in the ocean, like New Orleans..
PeacePiece of ass?
DaddyI am the clone of George H.
Goodhurts everyone and destory the economy
M-M-Mixed Messagesthe excuse for rushing to Iraq
"Nucluler"We believe it translates to the English term "nuclear"
Allya pawn; scapegoat; someone used for the gain of someone's action
Neocon"New Con Game"
Pfc. England and Sgt. GrinerScapegoats for a neglected, poorly supervised branch of the military, the National Guard. They take the fall while the intel chain of command smokes cigars.
Musta couldn'tbushspeak for couldn't or were not able to
Religious RightTaliban without the pretty hats.
World peacehey lets raise taxes, piss away billions of dollars in iraq and other 3rd world country and lead a bullshit war that resolves nothing.
Community based communityThe community Dubya lived back ther' in oll' Texas...
TIMMYY!!!Lookie Mr. Cheney! My favorite show. Watch this!
ScapegoatWhat I do to anyone in government when it comes close to elections in order to make me look good.
Jimmy CarterNot invited!
Youthful indiscretionsHahahaha! I can get away with anything!
OccidentateTo face West.
SixNumber of secret service people that bush has working full time for the Saudi Arabian Embassy. No other embassy has any.... He's gotta protect his retirement money!
Evil-DoersSaddam, My Daddy, Osama, Kerry, the Democratic Party, The people of Mexico, and Greenland. Did I say Gays?
Personal Investment AccountsA potentially good idea in a system where everyone hsa access to the same informaton. In a world with insider knowledge, a chance for those on the inside to rape those on the outside.
National Deficita holiday in which all deaf people sit down. Bush dedicated this day to all them challenged folks
RetardedSee 'George W. Bush' 'Dubya' and 'presidents who were in the "special group"'
ScrewedWhat we are for the next 4 years....thanx republicans!
EducationSomething Bush never had.
Iraq Thanksgiving DinnerA publicity stunt that you can use to boost your chances at re-election. (Make sure you screen this lovely meal to only republican troops while the democratic ones, the smart non-oppressive people, get to eat MRE's) OH! And don't waste money that Halliburton spent, give it back to them, cause trust me they want it, and have a fake turkey.
BlindPeople Who Voted for Bush!
Flip FlopMeans I don't change my mind when a policy is bad - I just go forward and hope all goes well.
Bring Em OnI dare you to shoot the guys in front of me!
Born AgainNot responsible for anything.
The rest of the worldscrew 'em!
Embetterment...that sounds like a big word...
Debtmeaning?? Oh, nothing
Neh-vah-duhPlace to raise lots of campaign cash, pick up five easy 'lectoral votes, and dump tonsa nukular waste
Nine-elevenThe day 14 Saudis flew airplanes into the twin towers and the Pentagon, not Iraqis.
GOPGold Oil Profit
Cannon FodderSee "Soldiers".
Disableizingdubya word for disabling, as in our troops have done a tremendous job of disablizing the tearists
Nucular PerferationGettin them nucular bombs away from them Ahranian Mooolas on the peninchilla.
My fellow americanssorry-ass mother fuckers
Axis of evilAll the countries that need regime change in order to improve oil, coal, and nuclear energy stock value or Republican election chances.
Coalition of the willingEngland and Poland, and just a handful of other countries that no one has ever really heard of before much less pronounce
Federal employeesMy slaves who if they don't do what I say and keep their mouths shut, I will arrest them for treason and put them in federal prisons and military prisons, particularly if they try to subversively try to take me down where I belong because I am out of control, addicted to death, maiming and destruction of the world.
Hoof- hearted- ice- meltedthats when bush has his head up his ass
Harvard Business SchoolA substitute for military service availabe only to the Scion of well connected families.
Mexicanthe "language" george bush says he "can't speak"

(hey george, is it because it doesn't exist!!!)
Medicare reforma term w uses to justify slashing senior's benefits so much that the reimbursement for treatment is LESS than the cost of the drug. I.E.
CheneySoulless automaton built by Corporate America to ensure the poor stay poor and stupid.
Black peopleThose who should be all sent back to their own land, accept for mine, who help me tend my home.
RepublicanCares more about you before your born then after you are born.
CHILD CAREthat's when we give more money to strangers to raise your children than to the families that should have it.
AshcroftAsshole in capital form.
NukyularDubia's favorite word. Normal peple pronounce it as "nuclear" but who cares about'em, right?
Prayer time before beddy timeDear Lord, please don't let the American people find out I am Hitler incarnate.
Christian ConservativeThe ruling class.
Liberty1)A former right given up to the ruling Republican party after 9/11. 2) Something only a friend or relative of George Bush may enjoy.
FabulousOne of Dubya's favorite words.
TerrorismThe thing that bush uses to get everything he wants.
Turning a cornerIgnoring the obvious
Republican PartyA five-kegger at Dubya's place with lines of coke in the bathroom
He he heee hee hewhat do I say Mr. Cheney? What do I say? uh?
Helping the terroristsWhat Dubya calls it when anyone disagrees with him. Marxism anyone?
TitanicA ship that stayed the course.
AfricaA nation that suffers from incredible disease.
TerristSomeone who attacks the morals of the United States
Anti-abortion and Anti-gayScrew separation of church and state!
9-11An extreme right-wing white-power-based plot to nullify the constitution, oppress Americans, oppress the weak, stimulate the arms budget and punish poor around the world, to further the right- (white-) wing global agenda by procuring all world(ly) assets that others in history failed to accomplish (Napolean , Hitler, Stalin, G.H.W. Bush, Egyptians , Imperial Britian) it is a shame the U.S. government killed so many people here in the U.S. and abroad and the people of this country are completely blind to fact. If you state the obvious you are labeled a leftist when in fact the people who see this truth through the U.S. govt's lies are the true tea bag spilling patriots... F*ck Bush.. F*ck the WTC and see u all in hell.
Pre-emptive strikeNaked aggression
BlackmailedWhat's happened to me. That's why I protect the Saudis. My sexual liasons have been caught on tape and they hold the tapes. And I have done some pretty kinky things that my wife doesn't know about. She only suspects Condi, but oh, there is so much more.
"Thou Shalt Not Kill"The sixth commandment handed down from God to Moses which applies to white Christian American Republicans.
Nuclear prolifirationdestroy everyone's nukes but build better ones for ourselves anf for Isreal.
HomophobeGeorge W. Bush
Oil PigsBush and Cheney!
Spin CyclingWhat I do regularly, cycle the spin over and over to you dumb Americans who love me and don't realize what an idiot Cheney, Rumsfeld and I are.
Better AmericaPlace where terrorists reign chaos
Seventy Iraqi BattalionsOne Iraqi Battalion
Powermine all mine, down down, go go, mine all mine!
InfiltratorMy informant who was placed into a group of 7 black males in Liberty City, Miami and who helped to create what would look good for the fall elections, a fantasy terror organization.
Nuculara threat to middle class citizens
DisassembleTo fail to make rhetoric and/or events conform to the twisted personal reality of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condi Rice.
Long PausesWhat Bush does during because his small little brain cant read fast enough for him to recite a full sentence
Muslimsomebody who wants me dead
Election DayTime to call Mayflower.
The First AmendmentUnpatriotic, unamerican, evil gibberish
Bush FamilyAkA , spoiled, bull ridin', excuse makin', mass murderin', lying, tubacco chewin, Oli n' alkihol guzzlin... cowboys,
Bugit defecita couple of bucks we owetogod
Antichristsee bush
Good Steward of the LandSomeone who gets every stinkin' dollar of oil and paper out of that dang land!
Oh, and Christy Todd Whitman only quit as EAP commissioner because she was a liberal Democratic... oh, really... next question?
Ferinerspeople born in countries other than the USA
FairnessFairness is taking the time to rig the game in your favor. (Or have your dad do it for you.)
Spreading DemocracyA special form of nation building, conducted by the Bush II administration.
My girls.Send your own stupid girls to Iraq. I'm not dumb. My girls are staying here where they are safe and secure.
Re-electionMaking dumb fucking sheeple believe I knew what the fuck I was doing the first four years and given a second chance to fuck them over worse this go round.
HomelandDer Father Land
Crimes against humanityA good reason to impeach me and try me as a war criminal.
ConservationUsing energy more efficiently.
American constitutionthat bit of paper he uses to wipe his ass
Iraq.Money! WHOO HOO!
DiciderDubya is the DICIDER of America. In other words
Why did chicken cross road?Chicken? What chicken? Dickie, get me my howitzer. There's a bigass bird trying to invade my country. That's an Arab chicken if I ever saw one! And he's got a bigass pretzel, a weapon of myass destruction! Help me, Donnie! Save me, Condy! My life is flashing before my beady little eyes!!!
IranOur next acquisition.
Tax cutspunishment for being poorer then me
Conservative republicanGUNS! GAYS! and GOD!
Am. Nat. Wildlife Reserve"screw the animals, we want oil!!!!"
Pom Poms and Rah RahWhat Bush held and said at Yale
Cracknose candy back in the day... now im president, but you go to jail for it. sucka!
Abortionwhat dem feminazis love to do! dems are evil burn in hel womens!!
John BoltonAss Kisser. ex
UnknownWhat the Hell? Bring out the bombs.
PresidentOne who rules the world.
Taxes are ImportantSo we can pay out our ass so we can provide "care" for iraqis and they dont even want it. If they wanted it, they would leave iraq! And lets send all of our wood over there for free so we can pay 40 dollars for a piece of plyboard as compared to 10.
InternetsThose millions of webs out there that we weave when we first set out to deceive, and our name is George W. Bush.
IdiotGeorge W Bush
Axles of evilaxis of evil
WarmongerGeorge "Warmonger" Bush. You got it, the W stands for warmonger!
ConservativeSpend as much taxpayer money as possible, yet lower taxes and CONSERVE his own personal wealth.
Suicidersomeone intent on impeding the spread of freedom by blowing him/her self up
Educational SystemRarely is the question asked
The 365 page BibleThat's the Bible I read when I told ya'll I read the entire Bible. Tricked ya! Ha! Ha!
DisasterElecting George W. Bush to be the United States of America's President
She has a right to her opinioI'm not talking to that bitch.
Maxed MissagesA term used only by George W Bush, about his presidential period... Talking about Mixed messages!
Pulling outBush doesnt know its meaning unless its during intercourse
DeclassifiedWhat classified information becomes when the public finds out I am the one who leaked it.
NucualarPretty Explosive Light!
Foreign policyalso pronounced "furrin"; it's that "tough" thing that Dubya can't seem to be able to get right
Little Iraqi girlThe one I bombed.
Smaller governmentBigger more expensive wasteful government
Credit card companyRepublican Campaign Treasury
Fox NewsManic right wing White conservative based propaganda that is eerily close to getting on all fours and giving Bush and his cronies felattio while calling everyone who's not a fat cat Republican a 'liberal tree hugging wuss'
I will serve my taking down our economy and making myself money from oil.
Compassionate conservatismMaking sure that government is not the answer to people's problems
FranceThat place where all the pussies live.
Fixed incomeI fixed 'em good!!!!
I accept full responsibilityNo one gets fired, and I face no consequences.
OpiningNew word made up by our dear commander in chief. By this he means a person that has an opinion and says it aloud.
Evil doersEveryone who doesn't believe in American domination and who must be punished until they see the errors of their ways.
Nukularthe ultimate firecracker, and a sure way to make W cream his shorts.
Economy........that money thing.
Fillibusterrodeo rider
EgomaniacGeorge Dubya on any given day
ConservitiveHaven't you read the Bible?
Abu GhraibA place that you go when you're arab and don't agree with the American government. Synonyms
George Dubya BushStupid Dumbass
It's hard workI dont feel like it
Your doin' a heckofa jobSomething said to an incompedent moron, by another incompedent moron when he has no idea of what's going on.
Unuglyfoolish gibberish only a C average illiterate man would make
Vitenamwhere them poor boys got sent while I was "serving my country" by protecting the air space of Texas
"Mission Accomplished"A term Bush uses after knocking down two Saddam statues
Character and convictionlie to the American people, and screw them over for 4 more years and kill millions in my oil war
Helicopter DriverCommander In Chief's stupidity exposed once again as he can not even use proper terms, used for the past several decades, by the very military he commands!
Karl RovePavlov
Military serviceSomething to be avoided! Hey, you can still pretend you were a pilot if your Daddy can pull strings.
Lying sack of shit"amanda"

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