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George W. Bush Library
The Library, which opened in 2013 at Southern Methodist University, is an effort from a president who once asked "is our children learning?" to compensate for his intellectual shortcomings.
Name given to malarchies by their leaders in order to feel less incompetent
War on Terrorism
A term developed by the Bush administration to justify enormous spending, reckless foreign policy, and curtailment of civil liberties. Critics, such as Gore Vidal, have charged that the concept makes about as much sense as a "war on dandruff." Experts in international relations have come around to the idea that, weighed against its aims, the "war" has been a disaster.
Paul Wolfowitz
One of the chief architects of the failed American-led invasion of Iraq which began in 2003. He went on to be disgraced in a nepotism scandal which forced him to resign from being the head of the World Bank.
atheist is a religion
John Bolton
An anti-social xenophobe appointed to serve as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations by George W. Bush. Bolton does not believe in international cooperation and is working to diminish and subvert the aims of the institution by revoking U.S. financial support and endorsing the notion that the U.S. is not bound by U.N. decisions despite the fact that the U.S. was a founding member of the body and its charter was ratified by the U.S. legislatures.
Revolution in Ukraine by neo-nazis during Winter 2013-2014
Office of Strategic Influence
A Pentagon agency that sought to blur or even erase the boundaries between factual information and news, on the one hand, and to use public relations, propaganda and psychological warfare, on the other. After it received adverse coverage in the media, it was closed, but the Secretary of Defense indicated indirectly that it was a closure in name only.
A female idiot
Body roll
A hip new dance where one thrusts their entire body in an act the simulates sex.
The complete absence of silly beliefs.
Bill Maher
The Guy who talked about this website.

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