Clinton talks tough on global warming

Fri Nov 29 18:43:10 EST 1996

So why doesn't anyone in the US know it?

The president's remarks while in Australia went unreported on the site, and in the NY Times online (and presumably elsewhere). Instead, some less controversial statements were archived there. One article (one of few, and now gone, see below) found in the Sydney Morning Herald summarizes the speech, which it appears was a concession to a growing Internet lobby on the subject of global warming. A campaign led over the Internet may have caused Clinton to speak out against global warming.

Perhaps by spreading this information through the internet, it will become difficult for Clinton to duck the issue, and his own statements about it, when he's at home and closer to the powerful automobile and petrochemical industry lobbies.

Other sites concerning global warming

Michael Kwun reports:
a quick Nexis search reveals that the story was sent over the wires on
Reuters and UPI.  It also seems to have been picked up by papers in France
and Germany.

In the US, the Houston Chronicle picked it up, though it was buried in a
longer article:  "Before heading to the water,  Clinton  made an
environmental pitch at a park near the Great Daintree Rain Forest. 'I call
upon the commonwealth of nations to agree to legally binding commitments to
fight climate change,' the president said.  'We must stand together against
the threat of  global warming.'"  Nancy Mathis, "Clinton  not itching for
another fight; Latest donations report dogs president on visit to
Australia," The Houston Chronicle, November  22, 1996, A31.

USA Today, of all papers, gave it pretty good coverage in a 421 word piece.
Bill Nichols, "Clinton  set for Asian summit Will focus on environment on
final day in Australia," USA TODAY, November  22, 1996, 4A.

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