Concerning the relationship of games production and arts (computer arts) instruction.

Basically I feel that the way to crawl out of the pathetic hole that the game industry has dug is to make more people authors of games, which may then cause "games" to diversify into popular forms of expression akin to novels, songs, etc. Obviously, the dominant conduits for game publication aren't particularly interested in the content of the games, only the sales potential and PR risks. But to "make more people authors of games" means creating institutional niches in the schools for game authors / creative individuals using computers. Universities are failing to support interdisciplinary programs that enable more people to produce good games. The schools are committed to the science / art antinomy which denies that some people have two halves in their heads. Consequently schools generate specialists who are ill-prepared to grapple with the heterogeneous demands inherent in producing excellent games, let alone bridging the gaps between art, literature and gaming.