Seeking: A reprieve from the ubiquitous compromises between the malicious and the merely self-serving.
The Artist will collide ideas until some mutant oncogenetic strain, weaving text, graphic design, references to experimental animation projects, web sites, publications, lectures, emerges, achieving some disposition toward motivation, in the sense of Wendy Lehnert's affect state tablature, wired into a configuration of confrontation with the cool, torpid mass of indifference, ignorance and inequality (the 3I's of postmadern malaise).
Or is art as it is practiced by the unicorporated condemned to its pantomime of body English, wishing an effect on the warming sphere, already in hyper flight? So much futility has passed, then! Wiring away under suasion of a cracked faith that this assemblage of wire, the mad logic of conduits, might be harnessed: governed according to other principles. Independent of capital's viral ideological afflictions (contagion, even according to Bill Clinton). A corner, a retreat, from the schizoid, frenetic, and brutal maze of conventional representations. Persuaded that some constructive preserve (deconstruction) might be maintained, woling away within the frumious Bandersnatch of [new] media. Not singing the body electric, mind you, merely "woling"-- a place somewhere West of song where people like to select and redefine, resisting containment. Still treading the water of history and politics to establish a balance in this aesthetico-ethical vessel. A configuration, a series of levers and catapults, nobs and directions leading while representing. Revealing thorough engagement In the sense of post-Brechtianism described in Andreas Huyssen's After the Great Divide (Participant theater.) But beyond and around it, in the sense of passing above, around and beneath it in pulses of light and electricity, hinged by doors, suspended by a dissenter's rigging, the audience/viewer/participant passes from curiosity to curiosity, brained in skirmishes of unfamiliarity that assault the jaded lobes.