Attorney Generalissimo Ashcroft

Enemy Combatant

       "My freedom is your servitude."

Attorney General

John Ashcroft doesn't believe in the Bill of Rights. He doesn't believe U.S. citizens have a right to a fair trial. Ask Jose Padilla: As an "enemy combatant," Padilla can be held indefinitely by the military.
John Ashcroft sucks
He has greatly curtailed civil liberties. But he's white and has money, so it doesn't greatly affect him.

In 2001, Ashcroft decided to drop the government's litigation against Microsoft, which took years and cost millions of dollars. (Has he ever used a computer?) The cooperation of Microsoft with the National Security Agency is a possible motive: Ashcroft pursues surveillance, secrecy, and unlimited power.

Ashcroft is a good-old-boy and a staunch conservative, just like Dubya. But he wasn't popular when he was a Senator. He couldn't even beat a dead man in the Missouri senate race that preceded his nomination as Attorney General!