A Dream

A little boy (6, 7 years) is alone at dusk and he's outside a rural house. He is somewhat fearful of two (or more) men who are inside the house. The boy doesn't think the men will approve that he's leaving. He may be running away or taking something that doesn't belong to him. He is leaving a note near the door to explain his departure. For some reason there is a map next to the door, too, but he leaves his small note on top of the map. The boy's note is soon discovered by the Man, who is coming outside, probably to urinate. The Man, who has read the note the boy left, is not angry and he casually overtakes the boy as he wanders away. The Man wants to explain where the boy is and how to get where he is going. Using the map, he shows the boy where he is and where to go. An omniscient observer, perhaps the dreamer, thinks that the boy won't understand the map, that many people don't understand maps, and that they should be told which direction to head when leaving one's home. So that guests don't stay to long, maybe one should tell them, "head in this direction," and give them a compass. "Head in this direction and be careful not to backtrack, or you could find yourself always, accidentally returning here again by morning."