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hummer madness

Like to pollute? Then drive a Humvee. The problem with supporting General Motors, a huge conglomerate with a history of environmental neglect, is that you're encouraging them to continue spitting out low-gas mileage, mediocre products. Its oversized vehicles are a disservice to the environment. Madison Avenue has created a marketing monster that convinces people they need giant inefficient SUVs that are too big to parallel park. GM produces cars that are an affront to ecological reason and resource conservation. Ford Motors chairman Bill Ford pledged in July 2000 that the company would improve the fuel economy of its SUVs by 25 percent over five years. General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler AG made similar pledges soon afterward. But last year, Ford executives said it would no longer be possible to meet the goal, citing an unfavorable business climate and technological challenges. Meanwhile GM advanced the Humvee! Industry self regulation does not work. Consumers must demand more accountablity, and they must learn the real environmental consequences of their purchases. So if you buy a Hummer, know that your H2 will contribute to the global warming problem -- your gift to future generations!