Daft Unresolution on Partisan Hero Worship

Sunday, Jun 13, 2004

Recalling the reverence for Kings, Popes, Pharoahs and Fuhrers past,

Reaffirming that the collective amnesia of the American people mirrors that of their former president,

Reaffirming the right of the mass media plutocracy to force their version of history down the throats of the public that has suffered by the policies of trickle down economics, enormous defense spending, support for apartheid, and inaction on HIV research,

Welcoming the opportunity to shamelessly rewrite the history of the late twentieth century, emphasizing only the feel-good interpretations favored by the Gipper,

Recognizing the importance of diverting the public's attention from the miserable failings of the current president, who would like to think he is the heir to Reagan's aura,

Taking note of the absence of awareness of U.S. sponsored and trained death-squads in Central America in the 1980s,

Forgetting if at all possible the illegal entanglements of the Iran-Contra scandal, and the absurdity of treating Grenada as a hemispheric threat,

Welcoming the respite from awful news from the Persian Gulf, which corporate news organs needed desperately to prop up ratings as the tedium of war drags on,

Stressing the need to pretend that Americans are unified in mourning a man who has always been a symbol of partisanship,

Affirming the importance of the rule of lucre, violence, and respect for greed, including the rights of millionaires, billionaires, militarists, dictators, and dirty rotten scoundrels,

The Media Leadership of the United States of Broadcasting resolve to remain actively seized of the delusions implied herein.