Web Page Development with Javascript

New York University, SCPS Information Technology
Spring 2005
Instructor: A. Deck


JavaScript is a script language that is embedded in Web pages to create dynamic, interactive content, such as images that change during mouse rollovers. Students with HTML programming experience learn the fundamentals of using Javascript for Web applications in this hands-on course. Learn to use JavaScript to display clocks, script embedded objects such as Flash and movies, and set cookies. Learn to create reusable components such as form validators and dynamic list boxes. Understand the Document Object Model, an application programming interface for representing HTML documents.

This course is a intended for people with some Web content development experience. Students will learn the syntax and conventions of the Javascript language, and will then create web sites using Javascript. Techniques for using Javascript to make a web site interact with a database, and for producing content management systems will be covered.

The course will cover scripting techniques used in Web programming focusing primarily on Javascript. An attempt will be made to integrate browser-based markup languages and server-side techniques. Students will be expected to conduct out of class research concerning the programming techniques demonstrated in class. They must learn to coordinate their use of Javascript and HTML. The final project will consist of a personal project that demonstrates knowledge they have developed.

There is not an imperative to use all the techniques! There will be a comprehensive test covering the topics that are present in both lecture and lab sessions. (See Assignments.)