Supreme Court Returns Us To Age of Robber Barons

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people, too, and that they have every right to spend enormous sums influencing elections in the U.S. CNN's online portal didn't even judge this to be front page news, however. Perhaps because CNN is a corporation?

Drone Weapons Defended By Anonymous Sources

In the January 22nd edition of FAIR's Counterspin radio program, Glenn Greenwald reported on the ways that anonymous sourcing are being used to spin unpleasant news in the American media. As an example, he cited how initial reports about civilian deaths in drone attacks in Afghanistan are often soft-pedaled by anonymous military sources. Later, when it is clearer that no so-called "high value" targets were actually killed, the story has already cooled off and few will learn that it was mostly civilians who were killed.