/*  A R T I S T  P R O F I L E   */

Born: 1968
Lives: New York City, USA

Andy Deck makes media art. On the Internet his
public address system is called Artcontext.net.
It sounds a critical tone at a time when
media mergers are portrayed as the emergence of progress.
Deck interrupts regular network programming
to announce a general sociocultural emergency in progress.
His aesthetic program seeks a cultural break
from the modernization of passive consumerism.
Applying techniques of détournement, parody, and defamiliarization,
he engages both the politics and semantics of interactivity.
Combining code, text, and image,
he demonstrates new patterns of participation and
control that distinguish online presence and representation
from previous artistic practices.

He has taught at various universities in the U.S., Spain, and Turkey. Presently he teaches in the graduate program at the School of Visual Arts.

2021 New Media Show. In Art Gallery. (online)
2021 Restructuring. Greater Flint Arts Council (Flint, USA).
2020 From Social Sculpture to Platform Capitalism @ Kunstraum Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany)
2018-2019 Programmed @ Whitney Museum of American Art. Artport feature (New York, USA)
2018 Wiggle Room @ FIGMENT. Governor's Island (New York, USA)
2017-2018 Creature Capital Valencia. Center of Contemporary Culture (Valencia, Spain)
2017 Big Ideas in Small Packages. Blue Door Arts Center (New York, USA)
2015-2016 Figure Drawings. Techtonic Shift. Flatiron Gallery (New York, USA)
2015 Drawing Circle @ Uni Project. Ideas City biennial. Organized by the New Museum (New York, USA)
2014 Digital Zoo. Commissions: Crow_Sourcing and Mall of the Wild as Transnational Temps (London, UK)
2014 [inter] sections. Valhalla Gallery (Valhalla, NY, USA)
2013 Glitch Art 0P3NR3P0. Furtherfield Gallery (London, UK)
2012 Crow_Sourcing Commission. Turbulence.org and the Jerome Foundation
2012 Drawing Circle. LMCC/Drawing Center Commission. Governor's Island (New York, USA)
2012 ART-astrophy. Shot Tower Gallery. (Columbus, USA)
2012 World Wild Web. Furtherfield Gallery. (London, UK)
2011 Augmented/Obstructed (w/Carol Padberg) Sterling Memorial Library. (New Haven, USA)
2011 First Prize, Interactive (Extremadura, Spain)
2011 Lumenex.2011 First Prize, Interactive (Extremadura, Spain)
2011 Re-generation. Plato Sanat. (Istanbul, Turkey)
2011 Ignition 4.0. Shot Tower Gallery. (Columbus, USA)
2010 PikselSavers. Meta.Morf Biennal. (Trondheim, Norway)
2010 Unleashed Devices. TINT Arts @ Watermans Gallery. (London, UK)
2010 Spill » Forward. MediaNoche. (NYC, USA)
2010 Web Biennial '10: Anti-Censor. Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum. (Istanbul, Turkey)
2009 The Garden of Forking Paths. Loop Space. (Newcastle, Australia)
2009 Cannons & Muses Think Tank, Electric Picnic Festival (Dublin, Ireland)
2009 Our Work. Joseloff Gallery. (Hartford, USA)
2009 Ecomedia. Talla Parpallo. (Valencia, España)
2008 Bienal d'Ibiza. Museo d'Arte Contemporáneo d'Ibiza. (Ibiza, España)
2008 Networking. Haifa Museum of Art (Haifa, Israel)
2008 Self/System. SITE/Cast Gallery (North Hobart, Tasmania)
2008 Live Herring. Jyväskylä Art Museum (Jyväskylä, Finland)
2008 Continuous Current. SVA Westside Gallery (NYC, USA)
2008 Mission Accomplished. Location One (NYC, USA)
2008 Tiger. Florentin 45 Contemporary Art. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
2007 Ecomedia. Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst (Oldenburg, Germany)
2007 Infinite Canvas: Webcomics. Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (NYC, USA)
2007 FILE. Electronic Language International Festival (São Paulo, Brazil)
2007 Do It With Others (DIWO). HTTP Gallery (London, UK)
2007 Threads. Wood Street Galleries (Pittsburgh, USA)
2007 Past-Present-Future. SVA Westside Gallery (NYC, USA)
2006 Art and Activism exhibition at Mejan Labs (Stockholm, Sweden)
2006 Miniartextil exhibition (Como, Italy)
2006 Commission from Tate Online (London, UK)
2006 Commission from Whitney Artport (NYC, USA)
2006 Solo exhibition at HTTP Gallery (London, UK)
2005 Rhizome commission (NYC)
2005 New Geographies Project @ Laberintos.org (Mexico)
2005 Web Biennial 2005 (Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey)
2005 Fournos Festival of Lies (Athens, Greece)
2004 Interact @ Time Based Arts (Hull, UK)
2004 Catchy Name: An Idiosyncratic Concept
2004 Machinista (Glasgow, Scotland)
2004 Ciberart (Bilbao, Spain)
2004 Retrospective at Furtherfield.org
2004 Whitney ISP Exhibition. Graduate Center Gallery. (NYC, USA)
2004 The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game (Media Lab Madrid, Spain)
2003 Medi@text (Athens, Greece)
2003 Webby Award nomination for NetArt
2003 >wartime<
2003 Telspan (Washington, D.C.)
2003 Peer2Peer (Los Angeles)
2003 EraseIn. Metropolitan Museum of Art. (NYC, USA)
2003 Solo Dibujo (Bogatá, Colombia)
2003 Copy It. Steal It. Share It. (Istanbul, Turkey)
2003 MAD '03 (Madrid, Spain)
2003 <re:Play> (Cape Town, South Africa)
2002 Violence Festival version 5.0
2002 Site Specific (w139, Netherlands)
2002 Read_Me Festival 1.2 (Russia)
2002 Glimpses (Greece)
2001 Conexion Remota. MACBA (Barcelona, Spain)
2001 VIDA LIFE 4.0 prize (Spain)
2001 Festival de creación audiovisual de Navarra (Spain)
2001 Art Futura (Contemporary Culture Center, Barcelona)
2001 Borderhack (Tijuana, Mexico)
2001 Animations (PS1-MoMA, NYC)
2001 Splash Page (Artport of the Whitney Museum, NYC)
2001 Net Ephemera (Moving Image Gallery, NYC)
2000 Dystopia + Identity (Tribes Gallery, NYC)
2000 Personal Cinema (Thessaloniki, Greece)
2000 Digital Salon (Visual Arts Foundation, NYC)
2000 Ideogram II (Moving Image Gallery, New York)
2000 FILE (Museum of Image and Sound, So Paulo, Brazil)
2000 Digital Salon (Visual Arts Foundation, NYC)
2000 Newmedia Invision Award Silver
2000 Reel New York (WNET website, New York)
2000 Featured artist at Turbulence.org (New York)
2000 Art Entertainment Network (Walker Art Center, Minneapolis)
1999 Art on the Net (Machida City Museum, Tokyo)
1999 Net Condition (ZKM, Karlsruhe)
1999 Digital Salon (Visual Arts Foundation, NYC)
1999 War Bulletin Board (Postmaster's Gallery, NYC)
1999 Graffic Jam (Thing.net, NYC)
1998 Prix Ars Electronica (Lintz, Austria)
1998 Kentler International Drawing Space (NYC)
1998 Art By Numbers (Walt Whitman Cultural Center, NJ)
1997 Mac Classics (Postmaster's Gallery, NYC)
1996 New York Short Film and Video Festival

1980-2021 Andy’s Calendar. An annual engagement with art, print design, publishing and typography.
2020 LLE 3.0: User Experience panel discussion with B. Gaydos, R. Barnes. Flint, USA.
2021 "An Introduction to Inevitable Failure." 16th Int'l Conference on the Arts in Society, Australia.
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2005 Original Voice. Argentina. Artist feature and interview.
2005 “No Quarter: Demilitarizing the Playground.”
2006 Artist's talk, Science Museum of London (UK)
2004 Guest curator, Turbulence.org
2003 COSIGN Conference (UK)
2003 Journal of Media Culture (Australia)
2000 Information Ecology conference presentation @ NYU Law School (USA)
2000 WWW.Animation (Watson-Guptill Publications), contributor
2001 Interaction: Artistic Practice in the Network (Contributor)
2000 WebWalker, Guest editor
1999 ZKM lecture (Karlsruhe, Germany)
1999 Millennium Film Journal
1999 Museums and the Web Proceedings

Post-diplômeEcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1996
MFAComputer Art, School of Visual Arts, NYC, 1993
BA, BFAEnglish Literature, Painting, University of Michigan, 1990