/*  A R T I S T  P R O F I L E   */

Born: 1968
Lives: New York City, USA

Andy Deck makes media art. On the Internet his
public address system is called Artcontext.net.
It sounds a critical tone at a time when
media mergers are portrayed as the emergence of progress.
Deck interrupts regular network programming
to announce a general sociocultural emergency in progress.
His aesthetic program seeks a cultural break
from the modernization of passive consumerism.
Applying techniques of détournement, parody, and defamiliarization,
he engages both the politics and semantics of interactivity.
Combining code, text, and image,
he demonstrates new patterns of participation and
control that distinguish online presence and representation
from previous artistic practices.

He has taught at various universities in the U.S., Spain, and Turkey. Presently he teaches in the graduate program at the School of Visual Arts.


2013 Andy's Calendar #33
2006 Artist's talk, Science Museum of London (UK)
2004 Guest curator, Turbulence.org
2003 COSIGN Conference (UK)
2003 Journal of Media Culture (Australia)
2000 Information Ecology conference presentation @ NYU Law School (USA)
2000 WWW.Animation (Watson-Guptill Publications), contributor
2001 Interaction: Artistic Practice in the Network (Contributor)
2000 WebWalker, Guest editor
1999 ZKM lecture (Karlsruhe, Germany)
1999 Millennium Film Journal
1999 Museums and the Web Proceedings

Post-diplômeEcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1996
MFAComputer Art, School of Visual Arts, NYC, 1993
BA, BFAEnglish Literature, Painting, University of Michigan, 1990