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Extreme Weather Tied to Man-Made Climate Change For the first time ever, scientists behind one of the world's most comprehensive weather assessments say they can perceive the likely impact of human-influenced climate change on specific extreme weather events. (07-18-2012)
Probability Of Extreme Weather Rising Due To Human Inaction Heat waves like the one affecting the U.S. are 20 times more likely than in the 1960s, according to researchers at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina. (07-18-2012)
Americans Protest New Nuclear Plans Residents and environmental activists are in a bitter dispute with large U.S. energy corporations and the federal government over the safety of nuclear power, as more than a dozen corporations plan to, or have filed, paperwork to open new nuclear power plants, primarily in the U.S. South. (01-15-2008)
World Faces New Threats of Water Scarcity The physical availability of water is being endangered by a rash of new threats, including climate change, increase in global population and the sudden growth of the water-hungry bioenergy sector. (08-16-2007)
Climate Change Could Ruin Drive to Eradicate Poverty In effect, the Gleneagles communiqu (10-24-2005)

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