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The Race for the Arctic While scientists and conservationists worry about the potentially dire consequences of global warming, politicians and businessmen are already battling over how to reap the economic benefits from the Arctic thaw. (04-18-2012)
BP Burning Rare Sea Turtles Alive Efforts to rescue turtles from oil corrals before controlled burns have been halted by BP. According to Dr. Brian Stacy, a veterinarian with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, most of the turtles being found dead or covered in oil are Kemp's Ridleys, which is the rarest species. It is protected by the Endangered Species Act, which means there are severe penalties for those who harm or kill them. Fines of up to $50,000, and prison time, are applicable if the evidence doesn't go up in smoke. (06-28-2010)
Turning Trash Into Art This collaboration invites artists to reuse old hubcaps, adding to a growing collection of landfill art. (03-05-2010)
Tiger Habitats Disappearing Tigers could become extinct in the wild in less than a generation, the World Wildlife Fund warned Wednesday as it launched a campaign to save them. The number of tigers in the wild has dwindled to 3,200 -- less than the number held in captivity in the United States alone. (02-10-2010)
How Big Is Your Ecological Footprint? The Global Footprint Network has graphed data concerning the ecological footprint of average individuals in over a hundred countries. The organization works to influence decision makers and to put an end to ecological overshoot and get economies back into balance. (01-12-2010)
Obama Signs Land Conservation Bill Hundreds of thousands of acres of land are set aside for wilderness protection under the bill. (03-31-2009)
Power Cars With Wind Power Plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles should be powered by electricity from wind power rather than using carbon emitting natural gas, as T. Boone Pickens has been advocating in television advertising. New car technology is matched by new wind-turbine technology, setting the stage for an automotive-fuel economy powered largely by cheap wind energy. The Energy Department notes that North Dakota, Kansas and Texas alone have enough wind energy to easily satisfy national electricity needs. (09-08-2008)
Starving Polar Bear Shot A polar bear believed to have swam approximately 200 miles was shot and killed by police in Iceland, although witnesses suggested that this was utterly unnecessary. (06-07-2008)
Biofuels A Dead End Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from the burning of fossil combustibles are said by a vast body of scientists to provoke global warming and consequently climate change. (04-19-2008)
Guyanese Rainforest Saved In Groundbreaking Deal The agreement will secure the future of one million acres of pristine rainforest in Guyana, the first move of its kind, and will open the way for financial markets to play a key role in safeguarding the fate of forests. (03-27-2008)

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