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Chevron Ignores Climate Responsibilities Resorting to obfuscation and greed rather than aligning itself with the human race, Chevron continues its climate destruction. Chevron once again fails to set climate targets that would legitimately cut its methane pollution in line with the Paris Agreement. (03-11-2021)
Obscene Amounts of Methane Leaking From Gas Industry A study revealed that methane, which contributes to global warming for up to 20 years once released in the atmosphere, is leaking at alarming rates from oil and gas industry infrastructure and old wells in the American southwest. (08-16-2016)
Cold War Toxic Waste Exposed By Melting Ice A study finds that rapidly melting ice in Greenland will unearth radioactive waste, toxic PCBs, and raw sewage left behind by secret U.S. military base in the 1960s. (08-11-2016)
Faster Dying Through Chemistry Thanks To DuPont Millions of Americans are drinking water polluted with perfluorooctanesulfonic acid and perfluorooctanoic acid according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health. DuPont manufactured the chemicals for decades and dumped them into public waterways. Once in the environment, they do not break down, and they are toxic to all the Americans who are exposed to them. (08-10-2016)
Another Terrible Gulf Oil Spill Although Taylor Energy Company, which formerly operated an oil platform that collapsed during Hurricane Ivan, has downplayed the extent of the leak, the Associated Press cites experts who say the spill could be one of the largest ever in the Gulf. (04-18-2015)
Garbage Found In Beached Whale Biologists who examined a gray whale that died after getting stranded on a West Seattle beach say it had a large amount of garbage in its stomach (04-20-2010)
Oceans Of Trash Attempts to locate a missing airplane that crashed have highlighted the problem of oceanic trash. Huge gyres of garbage the size of Texas, including a lot of plastic that takes ages to decompose, make this pollution a growing problem for both humans and marine creatures. (06-06-2009)
New York Sues Exxon Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo moved today to sue Exxon Mobil and four other companies over millions of gallons of oil lying under the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn and to repair environmental damage inflicted on the nearby Newtown Creek. (02-08-2007)
Valdez Oil Spill Unresolved Crude oil is still polluting Alaskan waters almost 18 years after the tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground, according to a study by US government scientists. The disclosure came as Exxon Mobil posted the largest annual profit by a US company, $39.5bn, and only weeks after a court decision annulling many of the financial penalties originally levied against the corporation. Predictions that the pollution would have disappeared by now have proved to be inaccurate, and the damaged ecosystem is struggling to recover. (02-03-2007)
Vanishing Tropical Nation A World Bank report found that up to 80 percent of North Tarawa, as well as more than 50 percent of the densely populated South Tarawa, could be under water by 2050 as a result of global warming. (01-28-2007)

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