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2018 Artcontext Calendar

See the calendar that shows you the game, the end game, and the un-winnable madness. [More]

Hypno Techno is back

This Net Art loop from the Iraq War – era has been restored for better compatibility with today’s browsers. [More]

Icontext is back!


Arty like it’s 1999. The Icontext restoration is complete. [ More ]

OpenStudio is back


After years of applet decline and firewall issues, OpenStudio is officially back in action. [ More ]

Dyspensable Calendar


The colorful 2015 edition of the Artcontext Calendar features illustrations and an essay about the resource debts owed to future generations.

1st Prize for Interactive Category at LÚMEN_EX

The 2011 prize for Interactive Digital Art of Extremadura University has been awarded to New York artist Andy Deck. [More]