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Looking through the artist lists on I think Andy Deck had a great idea. Using both the power of the internet and javascript, he made artwork that utilizes the internet, and not just point-click and move on. I like how it saves what one has made so that others can change it.

I did not like as much. i understand how it uses javascript nicely, but I don’t think it uses the power of the internet as nicelys as Deck’s artwork. was a interesting site, I did enjoy how it made some links to wikipedia, in case anyone did want to know of the names mention. It also had a conceptionally interesting look. not uniformal at all.

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Online Drawing Collab


I’m attracted by something about “realtime visual collaboration on the web”.

OpenStudio project launched in 1990 according to Whitney artport archive. Andy Deck has a website where he posts all his experimental works using fundamental functions of hypertext and pixelerate images from 1990 to the present. Here is another similar project by him launched in 2002 (Collabyrinth) in which users create their own desktop icons.

These two sites have similarities in terms of interactivity among the participants. Both have “record” “save” “open” functions that let one person saves and stores a piece and then others can share it overtime from the archive.

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Converse with a chimpanzee about habitat problems, or discuss overfishing with a whale.

These are just two possible encounters in EcoScope, part of the Eco-Media exhibition in Germany (October 2007- January 2008). Produced by the international art collective Transnational Temps, this online forum also offers tools for sending quirky postcards to friends, either electronically or through your printer. You’re invited to come join the conversation. There’s content in EcoScope before you arrive, but half the fun is what you bring to it. Peer into the EcoScope!

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Remember back in the day when TV only had a few stations and the quintessential American cheese-ball oil painter Bob Ross hosted ‘The Joy of Painting’ TV show? Mr. “We just want happy, happy paintings”? Now the master has been webified in a clever do-it-yourself click and paint interface created by Andy Deck. We dorkbots got a sneak preview last month but today, Deck announced the release of Robotross: The Joy of Software. If you thought painting was made easy, you haven’t seen anything yet!

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Catchy Name

Catchy Name

Ways of mixing and composing audio within the Web browser have been catching on recently. This modest survey of online sound experiments focuses attention on these new forms of collaboration and creativity, which tend to resemble both art and instrument.

Catchy Name: An Idiosyncratic Concept was curated for by Andy Deck.

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