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2010 Artcontext Calendar

2010 Calendar
The 2010 edition of the Artcontext Calendar marks three decades of calendars from artist Andy Deck. Since the mid-1990s the project has often engaged public participation through websites made by the artist to generate images and texts.

Artistic License

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Artistic License

AntiWar404: Movement not found?

Since the start of the World Wide Web thousands of anti-war and pro-peace projects have already come and gone. Now presents a first-ever collection of its kind documenting the traces of anti-war movements that have disappeared among the sponsored links, spams, and twittering machines of today’s infoverse.

Contemporary search engines have a tendency to make dead websites disappear quietly. AntiWar404 counteracts some of the resulting amnesia. It offers a concise record of the peace movement forgotten by Google, resurrecting pages and pages of war resistance that you won’t find in your search engine results. Peace documents re-found!

2009 Artcontext Calendar

Wildlife of the Arctic Refuse! — Arctic wildlife ensnared in a war on animalism solve the problems of late naturalism in their cute and cuddly way. The publication continues the narrative project of the artist’s earlier Panel Junction editions.

Election 2.008: Graffiti Voting Online


It’s groupware election graffiti! This new work by Andy Deck will be shown live at Location One during the upcoming exhibition of its first ever Virtual Residency. Your online drawings will be projected for visitors to see in the Location One gallery as well as via the Web at Artcontext. This could be the only electronic voting that counts!

The Surge Cycle

Surge Cycle

Surge Cycle is the second in a series begun in 2002 by artist Andy Deck. The first installment, Hypno Techno, evoked the powerlessness of the public to dissuade the U.S. government from embarking on an era of preemptive invasions. Surge Cycle takes aim at the dubious claims of progress being made by those who advance invasion and military occupation as solutions for evil. In both cases the gestures of the animated figures suggest a frantic miscommunication – warnings and messages going unheeded.

A new work at Artcontext


Decoder Bling
Digitial decoder bling by Andy Deck

A free interpretation of privatized data streams. Digital encryption and encoding mired in secrecy and exclusivity. A premonition of future histories lost in translation. Decode the present and future illegibility of state-of-the-art media.

Wildlife Offline

Wildlife Offline

Members of a more than a few species are beginning to be outnumbered by cute caricatures on the Internet. This collection of illustrations depicting some of the world’s most endangered species demonstrates this trend.

Artcontext 2008 Calendar


Hapless flowers, windmills, trees, and small animals try to organize some type of response to climate change as a duper-hero clan of energy industry titans use their powers in the media and military to insure the supression of dissent and the continuation of their way of war. Lucha Neo-libre is Panel Junction #2 in calendar form, 12 pages of comic art influenced by user contributions through the website.

Originally by Deck from Artcontext Wire on December 25, 2007, 9:25am

Ecoscope stickers action

Eco-stickers invite people to consider environmental issues and visit Eco-scope to discuss them.

Primera Ecoscope Eco-stickers action en la ciudad de Valencia, España. Si quieres intervenir en el espacio público, se puede imprimir las plantillas de stickers.
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