2009 Artcontext Calendar

Wildlife of the Arctic Refuse! — Arctic wildlife ensnared in a war on animalism solve the problems of late naturalism in their cute and cuddly way. The publication continues the narrative project of the artist’s earlier Panel Junction editions.

VIDA Redux

Nell Tenhaaf summarizes the best the VIDA competition, including an early work from Transnational Temps.

From Spain, Novus Extinctus (2001, VIDA 4.0) by Transnational Temps (Andy Deck, Fred Adam and Verónica Perales), is an Internet artwork whose central message is that the expansion of human presence on the World Wide Web, measured via the number of domain names registered daily, climbs in a deadly parallel with the number of species that go extinct. The site has a strong element of marketing spoof as well, linking Latin species names to commercial sites such as TigerDirect that use the names of exotic animals. Source