The Surge Cycle

Surge Cycle

Surge Cycle is the second in a series begun in 2002 by artist Andy Deck. The first installment, Hypno Techno, evoked the powerlessness of the public to dissuade the U.S. government from embarking on an era of preemptive invasions. Surge Cycle takes aim at the dubious claims of progress being made by those who advance invasion and military occupation as solutions for evil. In both cases the gestures of the animated figures suggest a frantic miscommunication – warnings and messages going unheeded.

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Withdrawal Wizard

Withdrawal Wizard
Disinfect and uninstall.

Uninstallation Art software brings you the new Withdrawal Wizard Iraq Edition, available for free download today. Fix remote command execution vulnerability. End arbitrary codes for executing innocent lines of users in the affected regions. Avoid malicious exploitation! Disinfect the republic!

Originally by Deck from Artcontext Wire on May 24, 2004, 10:17am