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Fossil Fuels Exempted From COP28 Phasing out fossil fuel use is no longer in the plans of world leaders. Former US vice president Al Gore criticized the draft of the agreement being negotiated in Dubai as being a dream for OPEC but a nightmare for everyone else. (12-13-2023)
Chevron Ignores Climate Responsibilities Resorting to obfuscation and greed rather than aligning itself with the human race, Chevron continues its climate destruction. Chevron once again fails to set climate targets that would legitimately cut its methane pollution in line with the Paris Agreement. (03-11-2021)
Rutgers Announces Fossil Fuel Divestment Plan The largest public university in New Jersey has elected to divest its endowment from the fossil fuel industry. After years of hard work from students, faculty, and alumni, the administration is now acknowledging that it makes neither financial nor moral sense to try and profit off the destruction of the climate system. (03-11-2021)

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