Screening Circle


Screening Circle is a new collaborative media artwork by Andy Deck. The piece adapts the cultural tradition of the quilting circle and the participative round table into an online format for producing motion graphics. It also gives Internet visitors a central role in producing the images that are projected in the exhibitions. Screening Circle is essentially a work in progress because the web-based software that enables its distributed production process remains online continously at For gallery presentation, the imagery produced online is presented in an accelerated loop.

The title “Screening Circle” refers to the collaborative tradition of the quilting circle, as well as to participative forums like the round table. As it is structured by software written by the artist, the piece focuses attention on the nature of software-mediated creativity and freedom expression. The traditional roles of artist and spectator are reversed, but the role of software as a regulative mechanism invites new modes of interpretation.

Screening Circle was co-commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Artport and the Tate Modern’s online portal.

Originally by Deck from Artcontext Wire on April 12, 2006, 5:28am

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