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Hypno Techno is back

This Net Art loop from the Iraq War – era has been restored for better compatibility with today’s browsers. [More]

Restoration work in progress

Sad Mac

In November of 2015 the venerable, silent server that had delivered Artcontext for the better part of a decade finally failed. Fortunately, most of the important stuff was not lost. [ More ]

Crow_Sourcing in World Wild Web

A hands-on rendition of the commission Crow_Sourcing opened last week in London’s Furtherfield Gallery. It invites visitors to the World Wild Web show to take up a pen and contribute to a growing collection of animal idioms.

Spill » Forward review

Spill » Forward

The aesthetic and conceptual competence of the artistic responses to the environmental and human crises of the oil spills in Spill >> Forward make the case for art still being a relevant and capable answer to society’s need to make sense of unfolding events. Art can still provide a much-needed space for reflection, and Spill >> Forward creates just such a space in a very contemporary way. Continue…

Unleashed Devices at Watermans

… Andy Deck’s video ‘©-hold Control!’ unveils the usually hidden ASCII graphics, drawings made out of alphabet letters, contained in shared files. In the exhibition visitors can deliberately adjust the video stream’s flow with a knob as desired. On the net, however, peer-to-peer file sharing is not as free anymore, increasingly controlled either by laws or by the introduction of fees.

© - Hold Control

Andy Deck’s © – Hold Control

The Body Electric

With its connotations of rabid – or overly excited – dogs, the word ‘unleashed’ is an apt title for an eccentric exhibition currently running at Brentford’s Watermans gallery, given the quirky contents of the show.

Andy Deck’s © - Hold Control

Andy Deck’s © – Hold Control

Spill » Forward reseña

En Afterpop, Eloy Fernández Porta investiga muchas derivas posmodernas. Hay implícitos estudios de género, contragénero, postcolonialismo, …, y aunque en menor extensión, también hay eco-arte. El autor afirma: “La dinámica consumista es una pulsión, tan económica como libidinal, que erotiza los objetos o aún nos convierte en ellos: nos consume. A los problemas filosóficos démosles respuestas toon […] Parafraseando la célebre idea lacaniana sobre las relaciones entre objeto y sujeto, cabría decir: ¿Ves esta lata en el supermercado? Ella te consume a ti”[1].

En la exposición Spill Forward celebrada en New York hemos dado respuestas toon, pero puesto que corremos el peligro de no ser tomados en serio, no tenemos más remedio que aparentar la alta cultura que esperan de nosotros.
¿Les parece poco importante el derrame descontrolado de petróleo por una explotación privada que perjudica directa y de modo inmediato el bien común? Más…