Ecoscope stickers action

Eco-stickers invite people to consider environmental issues and visit Eco-scope to discuss them.

Primera Ecoscope Eco-stickers action en la ciudad de Valencia, España. Si quieres intervenir en el espacio público, se puede imprimir las plantillas de stickers.
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Converse with a chimpanzee about habitat problems, or discuss overfishing with a whale.

These are just two possible encounters in EcoScope, part of the Eco-Media exhibition in Germany (October 2007- January 2008). Produced by the international art collective Transnational Temps, this online forum also offers tools for sending quirky postcards to friends, either electronically or through your printer. You’re invited to come join the conversation. There’s content in EcoScope before you arrive, but half the fun is what you bring to it. Peer into the EcoScope!

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Climate Change Threat Advisory

Your Guide to Climate Threat Levels

This new advisory system clarifies the climate change threat levels facing people everywhere.

Climate Change Threat Advisory

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Aquanode 2006


This website documents Aquanode ‘06 events in western Turkey, near Bodrum. It features photographs and audio from the August, 2006 art events at the site of the ancient city of Myndos, now sunken below sea level. Transnational Temps traveled to this sea-level challenged city to find out what people are thinking about global environmental change.

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Artcontext 2007 Calendar

Spiral bound for your pleasure

ASCII of Mass Destruction

Declassified ASCII from Iraq

Archived Performance at VisitorsStudio

Andy Deck Archived Performance at VisitorsStudio Every now and then somemof the Furtherfield crew review some of the archived content on the VisitorsStudio. Some times by projecting it up on as wall whilst consuming coffee or alcohol in the studio at Furtherfield. Earlier today we came across an archived performance by Andy Deck in the […]

Screening Circle


Screening Circle is a new collaborative media artwork by Andy Deck. The piece adapts the cultural tradition of the quilting circle and the participative round table into an online format for producing motion graphics.

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Glyphiti – IT'S ART

Glyphiti is an image composed of many smaller “glyphs” that can be edited easily. The qualities of the image are co-determined. Andy Deck has established certain characteristics. These include the size and available colors, which are black and white. But the state of every pixel can be changed by the visiting artist. Glyphiti now comes […]

Panel Junction

Panel Junction #1

Panel Junction combines the graphic novel with forms of shared authorship that have been made possible by the Internet. Contributions from visitors to this site have culminated in a free document suitable for printing with an ink-jet printer.

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