Reconstructing public space.

At first the software resembles many free online services. Indeed, the main function of this site for many will be its ability to produce files of a particular type (“favicon.ico” Windows ICO files). Styled after Photoshop, the initial interface invites confidence and goal-directed behavior. In its conventional service capacity it works well enough. And it’s free.

Whereas it may be appropriate for tools to maintain a predictable form, poetics thrives on hybridization, metamorphosis, and surprise. Like the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s Alice, the sensible fa├žade of the tool gives way to a curious labyrinth of images that were left behind by the site’s previous visitors. Confronted with these unanticipated corridors, disorientation ensues. This harmless entrapment calls for aesthetic interpretations that are typically absent from encounters with software.

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Remember back in the day when TV only had a few stations and the quintessential American cheese-ball oil painter Bob Ross hosted ‘The Joy of Painting’ TV show? Mr. “We just want happy, happy paintings”? Now the master has been webified in a clever do-it-yourself click and paint interface created by Andy Deck. We dorkbots got a sneak preview last month but today, Deck announced the release of Robotross: The Joy of Software. If you thought painting was made easy, you haven’t seen anything yet!

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Catchy Name

Catchy Name

Ways of mixing and composing audio within the Web browser have been catching on recently. This modest survey of online sound experiments focuses attention on these new forms of collaboration and creativity, which tend to resemble both art and instrument.

Catchy Name: An Idiosyncratic Concept was curated for by Andy Deck.

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