War without Winners This essay articulates a pacifist view of the present crisis. If you are seeking further affirmation of American righteousness and the need for violent measures, you should look elsewhere. (09-20-2001)

Corporate Power Will Not Be Given Up Voluntarily George Monbiot argues that the G8 will not relinquish power and begin doing good things without significant pressure from the public. (07-19-2001)

Bush Still Sucks He's transparent and detrimental. The see-through, unelected President has demonstrated without question that he stands for whatever his sponsors request. He is see-through because he doesn't distort the tone and direction of corporate messages as they pass through him. He hardly exists. So it's not enough just to stop him -- what must truly be stopped is the dumbing down of politics and the expansion of corporate influence over education, journalism, and government. (03-24-2001)

Plan Colombia Failing Miserably Investigations by The Observer have revealed for the first time the extent of the damage which both the Colombian and the US governments have tried to keep secret since the scheme started in late December. Against a growing mass of evidence to the contrary, they claimed last month: 'The aerial spraying did not cause any injury or significant damage to the environment.' The reality is that the results on the ground are disastrous. (03-24-2001)

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