Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter While American workers are struggling through an economic depression, the corporations and the wealthy people who own their shares are getting richer and richer. (11-23-2010)

Supreme Court Takes Cases on Rights of Corporations The U.S. justices have agreed to decide whether corporations have privacy rights for purposes of the Freedom of Information Act....The privacy case, Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T Inc., No. 09-1279, will consider whether a provision of the Freedom of Information Act concerning "personal privacy" applies to corporations. It follows a decision in January in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in which the court ruled that corporations and unions have a First Amendment right to spend money in candidate elections. Obama appointee Elena Kagan has recused herself from the case. (09-28-2010)

Google Teams With Verizon To Undermine Net Neutrality According to this New York Times report, the agreement between Verizon and Google could overthrow the policy known as net neutrality, in which no form of content is favored over another. In its place, consumers could soon see a new, tiered system, which, like cable television, imposes higher costs for premium levels of service. (08-13-2010)

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