Earthquake Hits Near VIrginia Nuclear Power Site The epicenter of the earthquake, measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale, was approximately 10 miles from two nuclear power reactors at North Anna in central Virginia. According to statement by a representative of Dominion Power the reactors were designed to withstand a 5.9 to 6.1 quake. The event comes just months after the disaster that befell the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan, which was also earthquake-related. The Japanese and German governments have since made moves to abandon nuclear power as unsafe. (08-23-2011)

Humans Causing Half Of Arctic Ice Melt About half the recent record loss of Arctic sea ice can be blamed on global warming caused by human activity, according to a new study by scientists from the nation's leading climate research center. The peer-reviewed study, funded by the National Science Foundation is the first to attribute a specific proportion of the ice melt to greenhouse gases and particulates from pollution. (08-16-2011)

Germany Abandons Nuclear Power Responding to public pressure in the aftermath of the tsunami-induced radioactive contamination in Japan, the German government has begun decommissioning nuclear power plants. The last of its nuclear facilities will go off-line in 2022. This move follows unprecedented electoral gains by the Green Party last month. (05-30-2011)

American Global Warming Governance Embarrassingly Bad "Think about our own country — historically, the biggest source of carbon emissions. Last summer, the Senate refused to even take a vote on the tepid, moderate, tame climate bill that was before it," says McKibben. "Last week, the House voted 248 to 174 to pass a resolution saying global warming wasn’t real." (04-22-2011)

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