USA Choking on Southern Fried Nugget Heads They loot, they grouse, but in the end they are the source of the stench that's eminating from Washington D.C. these days. Dump the bad oil cronies! (09-27-2003)

Stop US Sponsorship of War in Colombia! Under Plan Colombia, DynCorp was awarded a $600 million contract to fumigate coca fields across Colombia. As of January of this year, the corporation's crop dusters had sprayed more than 14 percent of the entire land area of Colombia.
The suit brought on behalf of the Ecuadorian farmers and tribes is based on an investigation by Acción Ecológica of pesticide drift from DynCorp's Colombian spraying operations. The study found that DynCorp had been using a souped-up version of Monsanto's Round-Up herbicide, called Round-Up Ultra. The effects of Round-Up Ultra are not that much different from Agent Orange, the defoliant used to such malign effect by the US in Southeast Asia. It is an indiscriminate killer, poisoning not only cocoa fields by vegetable crops, wildlife, forests, waterways and people. (03-01-2003)

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