Pentagon Paper: War on Terror a Disaster Former Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal has uncovered a recently completed report on the progress of America (12-04-2004)

US Military Used Poison Gases in Fallujah Pieces of these bombs exploded into large fires that burnt the skin even when water was thrown on the burns. Phosphorous weapons as well as napalm are known to cause such effects. (11-26-2004)

Whitehouse Lied About Coup Attempt The U.S. government knew of an imminent plot to oust Venezuela's leftist president, Hugo Chávez, in the weeks prior to a 2002 military coup that briefly unseated him, newly released CIA documents show, despite White House claims to the contrary a week after the putsch. (11-24-2004)

Rumsfeld Promotes Militarization Rumsfeld suggests that, given the challenges posed by 21st-century threats, it is time to re-think the separation of the armed forces from the police -- a major reform pursued by U.S. and Latin American human-rights organizations as a way of asserting civilian control over the military and reducing abuses. (11-24-2004)

Holy War Underway U.S. soldiers raided the Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad during Friday prayers, killing at least four and wounding up to 20 worshippers. Soldiers then denied Iraqi Red Crescent ambulances and medical teams access to the mosque. (11-19-2004)

Execution of Iraqi Wounded Draws Criticism The organization's spokesperson said it was "deeply concerned that the rules of war protecting civilians and combatants have been violated in the current fighting between U.S. and Iraqi forces and insurgents" in and around Falluja. (11-17-2004)

A City Lies in Ruins, Along with the Lives of the Wretched Survi After six days of intense combat against the Fallujah insurgents, US warplanes, tanks and mortars have left a shattered landscape of gutted buildings, crushed cars and charred bodies. (11-15-2004)

Democrats Urged to Offer Opposition The effectiveness of a great democracy is not measured by how well it panders to the desires of a powerful and vocal majority, but how genuinely they protect the rights and aspirations of the minority. (11-09-2004)

US strikes raze Falluja hospital A hospital run by an Islamic charity has been razed to the ground in one of the heaviest US air raids in the Iraqi city of Falluja. (11-07-2004)

Newsweek: Colin Powell Believes U.S. is Losing Iraq war Secretary of State Colin Powell has privately confided to friends in recent weeks that the Iraqi insurgents are winning the war, according to Newsweek. The insurgents have succeeded in infiltrating Iraqi forces "from top to bottom," a senior Iraqi official tells Newsweek in tomorrow's issue of the magazine, "from decision making to the lower levels." (11-02-2004)

Misinformation Spread By Bush Supporters Voters in Democratic-leaning areas of Michigan and Ohio have been receiving "robo calls" that give misleading information designed to suppress votes for Kerry. (11-01-2004)

China Lashes Out at US Arrogance In an article in the China Daily newspaper, one of the main architects of China's foreign policy laid into the "Bush doctrine," saying the Iraq war has destroyed the global anti-terror coalition and blamed arrogance for the problems dogging the United States worldwide. (10-31-2004)

Pentagon Forces Troops to Stay Longer in Iraq The Pentagon has ordered about 6,500 soldiers in Iraq to extend their tours. (10-30-2004)

Hunger in US on the Rise The USDA said 11.1 percent of American households could not afford enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle, up from 10.7 percent the year before. The report was supposed to be released Oct. 28th, prompting John Kerry to accuse the Bush administration of delaying the release for political purposes. (10-30-2004)

100,000 Excess Iraqi Deaths Since War Deaths of Iraqis have soared to 100,000 above normal since the Iraq war mainly due violence and many of the victims have been women and children, according to public health experts from the United States. (10-28-2004)

Florida Vote Fraud: The Sequel Authorities are investigating the apparent loss of 58,000 absentee forms in Broward County, north of Miami. (10-28-2004)

Rumsfeld Sued By British Detainees For Torture Four British ex-inmates of the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay sued Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others on Wednesday saying they were tortured in violation of U.S. and international law. (10-28-2004)

US Iraq War Veterans' Voices Rise in Protest Veterans returning from Iraq are speaking out against both the execution of the war and the poor decision-making that led to the war. (10-26-2004)

Top Army Official Calls for a Halliburton Inquiry The top civilian contracting official for the Army Corps of Engineers, charging that the Army granted the Halliburton Company large contracts for work in Iraq and the Balkans without following rules designed to ensure competition and fair prices to the government, has called for a high-level investigation of what she described as threats to the "integrity of the federal contracting program." (10-25-2004)

The Human Cost of War A group of war protesters paid tribute to the American troops who have died in Iraq by setting up more than 1,100 flag-draped coffins in front of the Lincoln Memorial. (10-24-2004)

The Nation Endorses Kerry In a circumspect review of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses, The Nation picks Kerry. (10-24-2004)

Washington Post Endorses Kerry The centrist newspaper joins the New York Times in arguing against another Bush presidency. (10-24-2004)

Senator Says Pentagon Office Distorted Iraq Intelligence U.S. Senator Carl Levin accused a senior Pentagon official of distorting intelligence information to back claims of links between Iraq and al Qaeda in the run-up to last year's U.S.-led invasion. (10-22-2004)

Republicans Breaking Ranks to Support Kerry Republican Former Michigan Governor, William Milliken -- who served a record 14 years as Michigan's chief executive -- is endorsing Democrat John Kerry, saying President Bush has pursued policies pandering to the extreme right wing. (10-19-2004)

Gore Declares Bush Incompetent, Dishonest Al Gore delivered a wide-ranging indictment of the Bush administration's policies, citing dozens of facts in the public record to demonstrate the pattern of deception, deceit and arrogance that have led the US to war, multi-trillion dollar deficits, and sour international relations. (10-19-2004)

Republicans Funding More Advertising In a presidential scenario that resembles NY Mayor Bloomberg's late advertising-driven surge, groups aligned with the GOP are outspending their Democratic counterparts on radio and television by 6 to 1. (10-17-2004)

NYTimes Endorses Kerry Citing a litany of failures by the Bush administration, and Kerry's capacities, the Paper of Record delivers a strong endorsement. (10-17-2004)

Poland to Withdraw Troops from Iraq After Bush used Poland's troop deployment as an example of the quality of his coalition, Poland announces it will withdraw 2,500 troops by 2005. (10-16-2004)

Advertising Boycott of Sinclair Broadcasting Takes Shape Grass-roots campaign focuses on advertisers connected to Sinclair, which plans to carry Bush propaganda (as "news") on its 62 affiliate stations. (10-15-2004)

Voter Registration Fraud Perpetrated by Republicans Democratic registration documents reportedly ripped up and thrown out in Nevada, Oregon. (10-14-2004)

Toledogate: Politically Motivated Burglary in Ohio Thieves hit Democratic Party offices; computers containing sensitive data removed. (10-14-2004)

Mario Cuomo, David Boies Discuss Bush Fiascos "Look, after all this discussion, after all the quibbling about how wrong everybody else was, there's another question for the practical people: [Bush] was wrong. He took a lot of lives that maybe he didn't have to take. He killed a lot of innocent people. Do you want to give him a second chance to do it? What guarantees you that he won't be wrong again? What guarantees you that he won't make exactly the same kind of mistake? What guarantees you that with a full heart he's not saying to himself, Now Syria is next-- and maybe we should do this again? All I know is, at the very best, we have had one of the most grotesque mistakes in the modern history of the Presidency, and now he's saying Give me another shot at it -- and that's before you get to domestic issues." (10-13-2004)

850 Experts Agree: Iraq Policy a Blunder In an open letter signed by hundreds of political science and foreign affairs specialists, Iraq is declared the worst foreign policy fiasco since Vietnam. (10-13-2004)

Nobel Winner: US Voters Can End War and Restart Kyoto The Kenyan Nobel winner, Wangari Maathaihas, appeals to US voters to change the course of human history. (10-12-2004)

Climate Fear as Carbon Levels Soar Greater than normal rises in C02 emissions may mean that instead of decades to bring global warming under control we may have only a few years. (10-11-2004)

Bush Out of Touch, Cites "Internets" In a comment that echoed his father's famous unfamiliarity with infrared check-out technology at the supermarket, G.W. Bush talked knowingly about the "internets" in the second presidential debate. (10-09-2004)

Report Concludes No WMDs In Pre-War Iraq Confirming what opponents of the Iraq War have been saying for years, the U.S.'s chief weapons inspector has decimated the Bush rationale for war. (10-06-2004)

Bush Campaign Asks Supporters to Flood Web Determined to win the post-vice presidential debate spin war tonight, President Bush's campaign is calling on 6 million supporters to flood the news media immediately after the event ends with declarations that Vice President Cheney came out ahead. (10-05-2004)

10 Questions for Dick Cheney Nation writer Nichols tries to get to the bottom of why Dick Cheney is such a lying, thieving, cowardly, hateful S.O.B. (10-04-2004)

Republican Senator Will Not Vote For Bush Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, a life-long Republican, has concluded that he cannot cast his ballot for Bush. (10-04-2004)

Allawi's Speech Written by Bush Campaign The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Iraqi leader's recent remarks in Washington were crafted by the Bush campaign speech writers. (10-01-2004)

Operation Disinformation Uber Alles An Army officer in Iraq who wrote a highly critical article on the administration's conduct of the war is being investigated for disloyalty -- if charged and convicted, he could get 20 years. (09-29-2004)

Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, U.S. Military Says These statements dispell the myth promoted by the Whitehouse that "foreign fighters" are causing all the trouble, a left-over narrative from the days when they were saying that Iraq would roll out the red carpet for the American occupation. (09-28-2004)

All Aboard the Peace Train Paranoid American officials diverted the flight of former musician Cat Stevens because he changed his name to Yusuf Islam and became a Muslim. The man campaigns for peace and works for charity, but the US government can't tell the difference between pacifists and terrorists. (09-23-2004)

Costa Rica Dropped From 'Willing' List The Bush administration seeks to hide the erosion of support by offering only dated letters of support rather than listing more current indicators. (09-20-2004)

Newsweek: It's Worse Than You Think Says a senior U.S. diplomat in Baghdad: "This idea of a functioning democracy here is crazy. We thought that there would be a reprieve after sovereignty, but all hell is breaking loose." (09-14-2004)

Time to Consider Iraq Withdrawl The Financial Times of London -- hardly a liberal publication -- editorializes that it is time for the US and UK to plan a withdrawal from Iraq. (09-11-2004)

Powell, in Senate Testimony, Calls Sudan Kilings Genocide The declaration was the first by the administration to classify the situation in Darfur as genocidal. (09-09-2004)

Bush Claims Docs Should Practice Their Love with Women Speaking in Missouri yesterday, Bush was talking about the rising cost of health care, and about frivolous lawsuits. He told a crowd, ``Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many O-B-G-Y-N's aren't able to practice their, their love with women all across this country.'' (09-07-2004)

Further Allegations of Abuse by US in Iraqi Prisons Extensive interviews of former detainees has uncovered new and disturbing testimony about torture in Iraq, suggesting that the Abu Ghraib scandal may not have been particularly unusual. (09-02-2004)

Bush Flip-Flops on Terror War Now he says the War on Terror can be won, though he said less than 24 hours earlier that it would never be won. (08-31-2004)

Washington Spin Company Invented Iraqi National Congress Not surprisingly, the INC (best known for its founder, Ahmed Chalabi, a now disgraced member of the Iraqi Governing Council) was created by the Rendon Group, according to a February 1998 report by Peter Jennings of ABC News which showed that the Rendon Group spent more than $23 million dollars under contract with the CIA. According to ABC, Rendon invented the name for the Iraqi National Congress. Indeed Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker magazine says the Rendon Group was "paid close to a hundred million dollars by the CIA" for its work with the INC. (08-12-2004)

Anthrax: Judith Miller Plants More Stories for Bush? A deluge of news that paints the Bush administration as successful on terror has many wondering how much of it is planted. A doctor arrested for assault is strangely pegged with anthrax accusations. Judith Miller, who helped publicize Bush propaganda in the lead up to war in Iraq contributed to this storytelling. (08-06-2004)

Timeline Comparing the Lives of Bush and Kerry A timeline that compares the nature and history of our two presidential candidates. (08-05-2004)

Bush Lied About Iraq Despite the whitewash, we now know that the Bush administration was warned before the war that its Iraq claims were weak. Point by point documentation of the serial lies. (08-05-2004)

AP: White House Projects Highest Deficit Ever This year's federal deficit will soar to a record $445 billion, the White House projected Friday in a report provoking immediate election-season tussling over how well President Bush has handled the economy. (07-31-2004)

New York Times: Economy slowed in second quarter The pace of economic growth slowed abruptly in the second quarter of the year as consumers forced to pay higher energy bills curbed their spending on just about everything else, the government reported yesterday. (07-31-2004)

US Kills Story that Iraqi PM Executed 6 Prisoners Despite the fact that the news, broken by an Australian newspaper, was independently corroborated by two witnesses who were unknown to each other, US media silences story. (07-19-2004)

Iraq Prison Scandal Gets Worse Seymour Hersh, the journalist for the New Yorker who broke the story of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, is at it again. The Independent reports that he is at work on another installment that involves a film showing Iraqi inmates being raped. (07-16-2004)

Blix Likens Coalition Iraq Policy to Witch Hunt Hans Blix, interviewed on the BBC Hard Talk program, likened the obstinate Anglo-American rush to war in Iraq to the "witch hunts of centuries past." (07-14-2004)

Kweisi Mfume Addresses NAACP Convention NAACP president, Kweisi Mfume spoke eloquently at this year's NAACP convention. He was harshly critical of business as usual in Washington. Although the organization is officially non-partisan, Bush was singled out for ridicule because he has made no effort to meet with the NAACP or to attend the convention. (07-13-2004)

Republican Senator Rips Bush on Iraq Strategy Senator Chuck Hagel, an influential moderate Republican from Nebraska, sharply criticized the Bush administration in an interview [in Los Angeles], saying that the war in Iraq appears to have hurt America in its battle against terrorism. (06-30-2004)

Daft Unresolution on Partisan Hero Worship In the wake of a week of 24/7 historical revisionism, it is time to put forth this unresolution concerning the spectacle of dead time for Bonzo. (06-13-2004)

The Real New Iraqi Flag Unveiled A revised new Iraqi flag was introduced this week by the Coalition Provisional Authority, as a final gesture before turning Iraqi governance over to the CIA appointed puppet show. (06-08-2004)

US Govt. Portrays Peaceful Artists as Bioterrorists The USA Patriot Act is currently being (mis-) used to intimidate artists from the collective Critical Art Ensemble (CAE). Under the pretext that one of them possessed illegal equipment, the FBI is effectively carrying the water for huge agribusiness interests. For more information on the legal defense, see CAE Defense Fund (06-07-2004)

Gallerist Assaulted for Anti-Torture Exhibition A San Francisco gallerist closed her gallery in response to death threats and physical assaults from pro-torture morons. (06-03-2004)

UN's Brahimi: Bremer the 'Dictator of Iraq' in Shaping Iraqi Gov Now that the Bush administration is so proud of its "fully sovereign" government in Iraq, Lakhdar Brahimi is calling Bremer the "dictator of Iraq," "He has the money. He has the signature," said Brahimi, adding, "I will not say who was my first choice, and who was not my first choice ... I will remind you that the Americans are governing this country." So much for "full (sic) sovereignty." (06-03-2004)

NY Times Misled Nation Over Iraq Threat The NYTimes ombudsman skewers the Paper of Record for its misleading and sensationalist deception in the period leading up to the Iraq war. (05-30-2004)

Activists prepare to "greet" GOP in NYC Despite decisions from the Mayor's office denying their right to assembly and free speech, activists are preparing for the Republican Convention in August. Fliers are available in convenient printing formats. (05-24-2004)

AP report cites videographic evidence that US lied about wedding Following weeks of official U.S. military denials and under-reporting in the mass media, AP has turned up a video tape that directly contradicts U.S. military accounts of the scene of a recent blood bath. (05-24-2004)

New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq? Could it be that Bush is planting weapons to "find" in Iraq? (05-24-2004)

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